10 Facts about Covent Garden

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Facts about Covent Garden inform you with a district located in London. The central square of the district featured the fruit and vegetable market in the past. Today, people like to visit the former site because of the Royal Opera House, tourist site and shopping venues. The south part of the district is a home to various kinds of excellent buildings, street performers and Central Square. You can visit London Transport Museum, Drury Lane and Theatre Royal. If you reach the north area, you can visit various shops on Neal’s Yard and Seven Dials. Get other facts about Covent Garden below:

Facts about Covent Garden 1: before the settlement

Before the settlement of the people in 16th century, Covent Garden was field. Then it grew and was selected as the central town for trade in Angle Saxon era. Lundenwic was the main town in the area.

Facts about Covent Garden 2: Covent Garden in 1200s

In 1200s, the site was only used by Westminster Abbey as orchards and arable lands. The area was called by the people under the nickname the garden of the Abbey and Convent.

Facts about Covent Garden

Facts about Covent Garden

Facts about Covent Garden 3: Henry VIII

Henry VIII got the land that people dub today as Covent Garden. In 1552, Earls of Bedford got the land. Inigo Jones got the commission from the fourth Earl to create several fine houses in the land.

Facts about Covent Garden 4: the square

The Italianate arcaded square was designed by Jones. The modern town plan in London was affected by the design of the square because Jones employed a new style. Check facts about Copper Canyon here.

Covent Garden Pictures

Covent Garden Pictures

Facts about Covent Garden 5: the fruit and vegetable market

Covent Garden was famous because of the fruit and vegetable market.  In 1654, this small open air market grew well.

Facts about Covent Garden 6: the disrespect

The people lost the respect on the market as well as the nearby area because of the presence of brothels, coffee houses, theatres and taverns. The wits, playwrights, rakes and gentry decided to move away from the area.

Covent Garden Pic

Covent Garden Pic

Facts about Covent Garden 7: the red light district

The area was recognized the people as the red light district in 18th century.  There were prominent prostitutes attracted to move in the town. Check facts about Copacabana Beach here.

Facts about Covent Garden 8: controlling the area

Then the area was under the control of the parliament. In 1830, the neoclassical building of Charles Fowler was established.

Covent Garden Image

Covent Garden Image

Facts about Covent Garden 9: the Apple Store

The Piazza featured the largest Apple Store in the world in 2010.

Facts about Covent Garden 10: the famous landmark

The famous landmark in Covent Garden is Royal Opera House. Edward Shepherd designed the building in 1732.

Covent Garden Facts

Covent Garden Facts

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