10 Facts about Coventry Blitz

Friday, April 8th 2016. | History

Let me inform you with an important historical event in Coventry on facts about Coventry Blitz.  During the Second World War, German attacked the English city of Coventry with a series of bombing raids. On 14th November 1940, the people who lived in Coventry had the most devastating attack from Luftwaffe. It was the German Air Force.

Facts about Coventry Blitz 1: Coventry before the raid

Coventry was flourished as an industrial city before the raid before the Second World War occurred. There were 238,000 people who inhabited the city. Coventry was considered as one of the important industrial cities in West Midlands at that time. Get facts about Battle of Britain here.

Facts about Coventry Blitz 2: a good target

Coventry was considered a good target for Nazi Germany because of the importance of Coventry as an industrial city. The country produced various products such as aero plane engines, bicycles and cars. It also has munitions factors since 1900.

Coventry Blitz Facts

Coventry Blitz Facts

Facts about Coventry Blitz 3: Battle of Britain

The Battle of Britain took place in August until October 1940. The city received around 17 small raids from German air force. It was attacked by 198 tons of bombs.

Facts about Coventry Blitz 4: the death toll

Because of the raids conducted by the German air forces, there were 680 injured people and 176 killed people.

Facts about Coventry Blitz

Facts about Coventry Blitz

Facts about Coventry Blitz 5: the most prominent damage

The new Rex Cinema had the most prominent damage during the raids. In February 1937, the Rex Cinema was only opened in the city. Due to the bombing in September, it was closed.

Facts about Coventry Blitz 6: an unexploded bomb

There was an unexploded bomb situated at Triumph Engineering Company’s works in Canley. Due to the finding, Second Lieutenant Sandy Campbell was called on October 17th, 1940. The evacuation was conducted to save the people from the bad impact which might occur. Get facts about Coventry here.

Coventry Blitz Pictures

Coventry Blitz Pictures

Facts about Coventry Blitz 7: the death of Sandy Campbell

Even though Sandy Campbell was able to dispose the unexploded bomb, he was killed in the next day when he handled another bomb.

Facts about Coventry Blitz 8: the action of Sandy Campbell

Sandy Campbell’s action was very brave. On 17th October 1940, he received a George Cross.

Coventry Blitz Image

Coventry Blitz Image

Facts about Coventry Blitz 9: the beginning of the raid

On 14th November 1940, the bombing raid was started by the Germans.

Facts about Coventry Blitz 10: the German bombers

There were 515 German bombers involved in the raid. The main purpose of the raid was to demolish the industrial infrastructure and factories in Coventry.

Coventry Blitz

Coventry Blitz

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