10 Facts about Coventry Cathedral

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Facts about Coventry Cathedral tell you about a building located in Coventry, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom. The cathedral is the seat of the Diocese of Coventry as well as the Bishop of Coventry. People often call this building St Michael’s Cathedral. Check other interesting facts about this important building in Coventry below:

Facts about Coventry Cathedral 1: the dean and bishop

Do you know the current dean and bishop for Coventry Cathedral? John Witcombe serves as the current dean. Christopher Cocksworth takes the seat as Bishop of Coventry. He is the ninth bishop.

Facts about Coventry Cathedral 2: how many cathedrals does the city have?

There are three cathedrals that Coventry has. St Mary’s is the first cathedral in the city.  Now this monastic building is only a ruin. St Michael’s is the second one. At first, it was established as a church in 14th century. The building was made in gothic style. During the World War II, it was bombed. The new St Michael’s Cathedral is considered as the third cathedral.

Coventry Cathedral Beauty

Coventry Cathedral Beauty

Facts about Coventry Cathedral 3: Coventry Blitz

During Coventry Blitz in the Second World War, St Michael’s was bombed and ruined by the German air force on November 14, 1940. Get facts about Coventry Blitz here.

Facts about Coventry Cathedral 4: the surviving elements

The surviving elements of St Michael’s after it was bombed were the tomb of the first bishop Huyshe Yeatman-Biggs, the bronze effigy, the outer wall, spire and tower.

Coventry Cathedral

Coventry Cathedral

Facts about Coventry Cathedral 5: the spire of the outer wall

Do you know the height of St Michael’s spire? It stands at 295 feet or 90 meter. In Coventry, it takes the record as the tallest structure. In England, it is the third tallest structure.

Facts about Coventry Cathedral 6: the location of the current St Michael’s Cathedral

Next to the ruins of the old St Michael’s, you can spot the current St Michael’s Cathedral. John Laing built this building. Check facts about Coventry here.

Coventry Cathedral Interior

Coventry Cathedral Interior

Facts about Coventry Cathedral 7: the designer of St Michael’s Cathedral

Basil Spence and Arup designed St Michael’s Cathedral. Spence appeared as a winner in a design competition in 1950.

Facts about Coventry Cathedral 8: the unity

The new building located next to the old one presents the unified look.  The element of unity can be found on the usage of Hollington sandstone in the new building.

Coventry Cathedral Facts

Coventry Cathedral Facts

Facts about Coventry Cathedral 9: the foundation stone

On 23rd March 1956, Elizabeth II laid the first foundation stone on the Coventry cathedral.

Facts about Coventry Cathedral 10: the interior

Graham Sutherland designed the huge tapestry of Christ for decorating the interior of St Michael’s cathedral.

Facts about Coventry Cathedral

Facts about Coventry Cathedral

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