10 Facts about Cowboys

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The historic American cowboys are explained on Facts about Cowboys.  They are considered as the animal herder. If you look at the traditional style of a cowboy, they always ride a horse. Their main job is to tend cattle on the ranches. Cowboy is very popular in North American countries. The beginning of cowboy tradition was traced back in 19th century. Let’s find other interesting facts about cowboy below:

Facts about Cowboys 1: the ranch work

The ranch work is the main the responsibility of the cowboys. But some of them often take part in rodeo competition.

Facts about Cowboys 2: cowgirl

In the end of 19th century, the term cowgirl appeared. But the historical role of a cowgirl only received less attention. But now the cowgirls start to gain the similar status of cowboys for they can do various ranch tasks. You can find cowgirls in Australia and South America.

Cowboy History

Cowboy History

Facts about Cowboys 3: the tradition to handle cows

The tradition to handle the cattle is very different from one culture to another culture because of the unique climate and terrain. There is no need to wonder that each region has special ways to handle the animals, unique equipment and distinctive clothing.

Facts about Cowboys 4: the contribution of cowgirls

Even though the cowboys get more attention, the cowgirls also receive wider appreciation. You can learn about their contribution by visiting National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame.



Facts about Cowboys 5: the American cowboys

The cattle industry in the west flourished and it attracted the former soldiers who fought for the Confederacy and Union to work in the ranches. Check facts about American culture here.

Facts about Cowboys 6: the African American ancestry

The African American ancestry occupies around 15 percent of all cowboys. Most people who became cowboys only got a little earning. They also had low social status.

Cowboys Images

Cowboys Images

Facts about Cowboys 7: the payment and facilities

The facilities that the cowboy earned were very limited. They only got a single open room. It was located near the home ranch. The cowboy only got food and a dollar per day.

Facts about Cowboys 8: the isolated condition

The cowboys lived alone in the ranch which made them isolated from the outer world. They often created poetry and songs to overcome the loneliness.



Facts about Cowboys 9: the romantic version of Cowboy’s life

The romantic version of the cowboy’s life could be seen in the end of 19th and 20th centuries when the Wild West shows developed.

Facts about Cowboys 10: the movies

There were various movies about cowboy developed in the beginning of 1920s. Get facts about American history here.

Facts about Cowboys

Facts about Cowboys

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