10 Facts about Cows

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Facts about Cows give the interesting information about the animals raised mainly for livestock. People often call cows as cattle. The experts include the species in the genus Bos and subfamily Bovinae. You can get the milk, leather, and beef from the raised cows. Some people gather the dung for cows for manure. Here are some interesting facts about cows:

Facts about Cows 1: the religious meaning

The cows are considered as sacred animals for the Indian people. They have the important animals in the religion.

Facts about Cows 2: the number of cows in the world

There were around 1.3 billion cows in the world based on the report in 2003. If you check the history of cow, the people believe that one of the earliest forms of theft is cattle raiding. The oldest form of wealth is by having a lot of cattle.



Facts about Cows 3: the meat of cows

Use the word beef if you want to call the meat produced by cows. The liver, blood, oxtail, heart and kidney of the cows are used as the food products too.

Facts about Cows 4: the milk

The milk of cows is mainly for the human consumption. There are special cows raised for producing the milk.

Cows Facts

Cows Facts

Facts about Cows 5: the industry

Cow is considered as one of the important industrial aspects in the world. It generated $30 billion in 2000. This income only accounted 23 percent of the beef production globally.

Facts about Cows 6: the production of milk

The milk is considered as the main ingredient to produce the dairy products such as yogurt, butter and cheese.

Facts about Cows

Facts about Cows

Facts about Cows 7: the leather

The hides of cows are not thrown away. The people can produce clothing, couches, and shoes from the cow leather. In India, cows are still used as draft animals.  You can spot the animals in bullfighting or even rodeo game. Check facts about Angus cattle here.

Facts about Cows 8: Holstein-Friesian

Holstein-Friesian is one of the cow breeds raised to produce milk. The production of milk will be continued if the cows give birth a calf every year. This breed can be found in USA, Europe and UK.



Facts about Cows 9: the byproduct of cows

One of the byproducts of cows is the hides. The largest producer of cow hides in 2012 was India.

Facts about Cows 10: the cows in Africa

There were around 231 million head of cows in Africa in 2003. Get facts about cattle here.

Cow Pic

Cow Pic

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