10 Facts about Coyotes

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Facts about Coyotes tell you about a canid originated from North America.  The gray wolf and coyotes have a close relationship. However, gray wolf is less basal and bigger than coyotes. IUCN gives coyotes a status as the least concern animal. Coyotes can be found in various regions in North America. Even though the environment is changed by the human being, coyotes can adapt and survive. They are considered as a flexible animal. Here are other interesting facts about coyotes to note:

Facts about Coyotes 1: the expansion of Coyotes

Actually coyotes can be found not only in North America but also in Central America and Mexico. In 2013, the people spotted coyotes in Panama Canal in South America.

Facts about Coyotes 2: the subspecies of coyotes

Coyotes have 19 identified subspecies in 2005. The people can trace back the history of coyotes around 1 to 2 million years ago.

Coyote fur

Coyote fur

Facts about Coyotes 3: the modern species of coyotes

The people believe that the modern species of coyotes occurred in Middle Pleistocene in North America.

Facts about Coyotes 4: the social organization

The social organization among coyotes is impressive. They can live in a pack which consists of unrelated coyotes. Some of them live in a pack of family unit. Get facts about cows here.



Facts about Coyotes 5: the diet

Let’s find out the diet of coyotes. They eat reptiles, invertebrates, fish, amphibians, birds, lagomorphs, rodents, ungulates and amphibians. In the rare occasion, you can spot coyotes consuming vegetable and fruit.

Facts about Coyotes 6: a vocal animal

Coyotes produce the most iconic sound. Therefore, it is considered as one of the vocal animals in the world. The solitary coyote produce this howl sound. Check facts about cougars here.

Coyote Facts

Coyote Facts

Facts about Coyotes 7: the enemies of coyotes

Coyotes have several natural enemies such as gray wolves and cougars. Coyote is considered as one of the important characters in the folklore. It is used as a symbol of military might in the Mesoamerican cosmology. In Mexico and Southwestern United States, it is considered as a trickster figure. The image of coyote was less respected in Anglo American culture. It was considered as unreliable and cowardly animal.

Facts about Coyotes 8: the gestation period of female coyotes

The female coyotes need around 63 days to give birth the coyote pups. The size per litter is six.

facts about coyotes

facts about coyotes

Facts about Coyotes 9: the coyotes pup

On average, the coyote’s pups have the weight around 200 to 500 grams. The female coyotes may give birth under ledges, hollow trees or even dens.

Facts about Coyotes 10: the location of coyote dens

If you want to find the dens of coyotes, you can check them on the level ground, rock bluffs, banks or even canyons.

Coyotes Pic

Coyotes Pic

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