10 Facts about Crabs

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One of crustaceans in explained on Facts about Crabs. You can find them living in the fresh water and marine water. The tail of crabs can be found hidden underneath the thorax. The animals have a pair of claws and thick exoskeleton. There are several animals in the world which earn crab name such as horseshoe, porcelain crabs, hermit crabs, crab lice, and king crabs. However, all of them are not included as the members of crabs. Check other interesting facts about crabs below:

Facts about Crabs 1: the mating process

Can you define the mating process of crabs? The vibratory, acoustic and visual means will be used to attract the crabs to mate. The pheromones or chemical mean is also employed in the process.

Facts about Crabs 2: the unique mating process

The visual signals are often employed by the semi terrestrial crabs to attract the female crabs. The aquatic crabs prefer to use the pheromones to attract the female crabs.

Crab Pic

Crab Pic

Facts about Crabs 3: the migration

The migration should be conducted by different species of terrestrial crabs. They will release the larvae on the ocean.

Facts about Crabs 4: the walking style

The walking style of crabs is very unique. Most of them have the sideway walk. However, Mictyris platycheles, Libinia emarginata and raninids can walk forward and backward. The crabs which can swim are Matutidae and Portunidae.



Facts about Crabs 5: the aggressive crabs

Crabs will be aggressive when they encounter another male crab trying to attract the female crab.

Facts about Crabs 6: communication

The crabs will wave or drum their pincers when they want to communicate with other crabs. There is no need to wonder that it is called as one of the active animals in the world.

Facts about Blue Crabs

Facts about Blue Crabs

Facts about Crabs 7: Fiddler crabs

Fiddler crabs will mate, hide and rest inside the burrows that they dig in the mud or sun. This burrow is also used as a safe place to stay away from the predators. Find facts about Coho Salmon here.

Facts about Crabs 8: the omnivorous animals

Crab is an omnivorous animal. They like eating fungi, bacteria, algae, crustaceans, molluscs, detritus and worm.

Facts about Crabs

Facts about Crabs

Facts about Crabs 9: the consumption of crabs

Crab is one of the important commodities. The commercial crabs caught by the people include Portunus pelagicus and Portunus trituberculatus. Get facts about coral snakes here.

Facts about Crabs 10: eating crabs

Crab is considered as a popular food for the people in Portugal, Japan, Spain, France, United States, Hong Kong and Canada.



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