10 Facts about Crack

Tuesday, April 12th 2016. | Medical

Check the important information about the free base form of cocaine on Facts about Crack. People often call it cocaine crack. The smokers may enjoy the intense and high effect in a short period of time. Crack is considered as the most effective or additive form of cocaine based on The Manual of Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment. The people smoke crack because they want to enjoy the recreational effect. Here are the other facts about Crack to note:

Facts about Crack 1: the extensive usage of crack

The first prevalent usage of crack was spotted in the end of 1984 and 1985 in several cities like Los Angeles, New York and Miami.

Facts about Crack 2: the crack epidemic

The term crack epidemic was very popular at that time because it was easily available for the people. The usage of crack among the people was increased too.

Crack Image

Crack Image

Facts about Crack 3: the effect of crack

Let’s find out the effect or crack. The people who smoke it will experience the loss of appetite, supreme confidence, euphoria, increased energy, alertness, insomnia, paranoia and want to consume more cocaine.

Facts about Crack 4: the initial effect

The people will be able to release a high amount of dopamine when they consume cocaine for the first time. It makes the people in euphoria. However, this effect only lasts for five to 10 minutes.

Crack Pic

Crack Pic

Facts about Crack 5: the reduced level of dopamine

The people who consume the crack will have depressed or frustrated feeling when the dopamine level is decreased.

Facts about Crack 6: the health risk

The health risk is higher if the user takes the fake or impure crack. It also affects the users psychologically. It took the third place in the social harm and the second place in the personal harm based on the survey in Scotland in 2011.

Crack Pictures

Crack Pictures

Facts about Crack 7: the psychological effect

The dilated pupils, constricted blood vessels, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and increased temperature are some of the short term psychological effects.

Facts about Crack 8: the sudden death

The rare case related to the first usage of crack is the sudden death. Check facts about cannabis here.



Facts about Crack 9: Toxic adulterants

The people use Toxic adulterants to increase the weight of crack. Some of the adulterants include strychnine, paracetomol, glucose, milk powder, benzocaine, caffeine, and lidocaine.

Facts about Crack 10: the overdose

When the people do not know about the amount of the consumed or smoked crack, they have higher risk of overdose. Get facts about codeine here.

Facts about Crack

Facts about Crack

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