10 Facts about Cracker Barrel

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Let me show you the interesting information about the American chain which has a Southern country theme on Facts about Cracker Barrel. You can spot a restaurant and a gift store in this chain. The official name of the company is Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc. Have you ever visited Cracker Barrel before? You must be impressed with the unique southern country style. Here are other facts to learn about Cracker Barrel:

Facts about Cracker Barrel 1: who founded the company?

In 1969, Dan Evins established Cracker Barrel. The first store of this company was situated in Lebanon Tennessee. Now it is called as the base of Cracker Barrel.

Facts about Cracker Barrel 2: the first chain stores

The location of the first chain stores of Cracker Barrel was in Southeastern and Midwestern United States. They were closed to the Interstate highway exits.

Facts about Cracker Barrel

Facts about Cracker Barrel

Facts about Cracker Barrel 3: the major expansion

Because Cracker Barrel was very popular since its first opening, the company decided to have a major expansion. In 1990s and 2000s, the company opened different stores all over United States.

Facts about Cracker Barrel 4: the number of Cracker Barrel stores

There are 630 stores of Cracker Barrel based on the report on 18th September 2012. The stores spread on 42 states in the country.

Cracker Barrel Pictures

Cracker Barrel Pictures

Facts about Cracker Barrel 5: the menu

If you visit Cracker Barrel, you will be served with various traditional southern menus. It creates a sense of nostalgic for the customers.

Facts about Cracker Barrel 6: Cracker Barrel’s interior design

Let’s find out the unique interior design in Cracker Barrel. The stores feature decorative artifacts, a stone fireplace, wooden rocking chairs and traditional front porch. Find facts about Costco Food Court here.

Cracker Barrel Images

Cracker Barrel Images

Facts about Cracker Barrel 7: the performance

The customers who visit Cracker Barrel can enjoy the amazing performance of the country musicians and singers. The positive one about the company is their charitable act. The company helped the wounded war veterans and the Hurricane Katrina’s victims.

Facts about Cracker Barrel 8: controversy

Even though Cracker Barrel has helped others with their charitable activities, it was dragged into controversy in 1990s because of the discrimination to the African American and women workers.

Cracker Barrel Gifts

Cracker Barrel Gifts

Facts about Cracker Barrel 9: the death of the founder

Dan Evins who was the founder of Cracker Barrel passed away because of bladder cancer.  The sad news was announced on 17th January 2012. Check facts about Couscous here.

Facts about Cracker Barrel 10: the gift items

The gifts sold in Cracker Barrel include woodcrafts, puzzles, toy vehicles, kitchen novelty décor, baking mixes and cookbooks.

Cracker Barrel Facts

Cracker Barrel Facts

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