10 Facts about Craig and Bentley

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Here are some interesting information on Facts about Craig and Bentley. Have you ever about Bentley case?  He was involved in a murder of a policeman when he attempted to do a burglary and was hanged because of his crime. This Englishman was born on June 30th, 1933 and died on January 28th, 1953.

Facts about Craig and Bentley 1: the murder

Who committed the murder is still a mystery. It was believed that Christopher Craig committed the murder. He was the Bentley’s accomplice and friend. It was still in a question whether he pulled out the fatal shot. Craig was 16 years old at that time.

Facts about Craig and Bentley 2: joint enterprise

The term joint enterprise was used to define the Bentley’s act in the murder of this policeman. He served as a party to a murder.

Craig and Bentley Case

Craig and Bentley Case

Facts about Craig and Bentley 3: the guilty person

Bentley was found guilty by the jury because he uttered the phrase “Let him have it”. This phrase was very important in the prosecution against Bentley in the trial because it was interpreted as the alleged instruction of Bentley to Craig.

Facts about Craig and Bentley 4: who was Goddard?

Goddard was Lord Chief Justice who explained the contribution of Bentley for aiding the murder of Police Constable Sidney Miles.

Facts about Craig and Bentley

Facts about Craig and Bentley

Facts about Craig and Bentley 5: the death sentence

After Bentley was found guilty, he earned the death sentence from Goddard. There was a campaign which lasted for 45 years to give a posthumous pardon to Derek Bentley. In 1993, it was given to Bentley. In 1998, the murder conviction to Bentley was quashed after the extensive campaign.

Facts about Craig and Bentley 6: the education

Derek Bentley failed the 11-plus examination. In 1944, he decided to be enrolled at Norbury Manor Secondary Modern School after the failure. Check facts about Conflict in Belfast here.

Craig and Bentley

Craig and Bentley

Facts about Craig and Bentley 7: theft

Bentley and a boy had to stay in the police station because of stealing in March 1948. He had to serve at Kingswood Approved School, near Bristol for 3 years in September 1948. On 28th July 1950, he left Kingswood school.

Facts about Craig and Bentley 8: a job

He worked in a furniture removal firm in March 1951. In March 1952, he had to leave the firm because he had injuries at the back.

Craig and Bentley Movie

Craig and Bentley Movie

Facts about Craig and Bentley 9: other jobs

Croydon Corporation employed him in May 1952. He worked there as a dustbin man. However, he had to leave the job because of the unsatisfactory performance.

Facts about Craig and Bentley 10: the hanging time

Bentley was hung at 9 am on January 28, 1953. The site was at Wandsworth Prison, London. Albert Pierrepoint was the chief executioner. Get facts about Australian convicts here.

Craig and Bentley Facts

Craig and Bentley Facts

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