10 Facts about Craig Martin

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Facts about Craig Martin talk about the famous contemporary painter and conceptual artist. He was born on August 28th, 1941. His full name is Michael Craig Martin. He serves as the Emeritus Professor of Fine Art at Goldsmiths. His famous conceptual work is An Oak Tree. In April 2015, he was released On Being an Artist. The people who want to be an artist should take a look on his advices and memoirs in this book. Check other interesting facts about Martin below:

Facts about Craig Martin 1: the early education

For his early education, Martin was enrolled in Roman Catholic schools. He was given a lot of education about religions. Then he continued the lesson at English Benedictine Priory School.

Facts about Craig Martin 2: when he studied at schools

When Craig was educated at schools, the students were encouraged by the nuns to look at the stained glass windows as well as the illuminated glass panels which contained religious imagery.

Craig Martin Art

Craig Martin Art

Facts about Craig Martin 3: the art interest

Martin was interested to learn about art because of he was inspired with an artist priest at school. He was also interested with Mark Rothko’s works on Phillips Collection display.

Facts about Craig Martin 4: the wider perspective of art

The wider perspective of art was experienced by Martin when he was enrolled at Antonio Roda’s drawing classes in Lycee.

Facts about Craig Martin

Facts about Craig Martin

Facts about Craig Martin 5: when Martin was in Washington

Since Martin was in Washington, he was enrolled in various classes mentored by several artists. Then he studied English literature and History when he continued his study at Fordham University in New York.

Facts about Craig Martin 6: other educations

Martin was also in Paris to study at Académie de la Grande Chaumière in the mid-1961. When he was in Yale University in the autumn season, he had a painting course. Check facts about Contemporary Art here.

Craig Martin Pic

Craig Martin Pic

Facts about Craig Martin 7: the tutors

Al Held and Alex Katz were some of the tutors of Martin when he was at Yale University. Josef Albers taught about the minimalist theories of color.

Facts about Craig Martin 8: the place of living

Since 1966, London has been the place of living and working for Martin.

Craig Martin Image

Craig Martin Image

Facts about Craig Martin 9: the early works of art

The early works of art of Martin were made by using the common household objects. Then he used the ordinary objects to create line drawings in 1970s. Find facts about Craig Redman here.

Facts about Craig Martin 10: the works of Martin in 1990s

He used vivid tones and bold motifs to create unique paintings since 1990s. An Oak Tree is considered as his notable work exhibited in 1973.

Craig Martin Facts

Craig Martin Facts

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