10 Facts about Craig Redman

Thursday, April 14th 2016. | Arts

Check the interesting information about the Australian born illustrator and artist by reading Facts about Craig Redman. Have you seen the works of Redman? Rinzen is the famous design collective that Redman established. Craig&Karl is the name of the studio founded by Redman and Karl Maier in 2011. When you see the current works of Redman, you will be thrilled due to the colorful and bold tone. Let’s find out the detail information about Redman below:

Facts about Craig Redman 1: the current works of Redman

Redman uses the optimistic, bold and color characters to define his current artworks. Actually he also involves in art direction, editorial design, and typography and fabric design.

Facts about Craig Redman 2: Darcel Disappoints

Have you ever checked Darcel Disappoints? It is the illustrated blog of Redman. When you see it, you will understand the everyday life in New York downtown which makes the protagonist experiences from one disappointing moment into the other moments.

Craig Redman Art

Craig Redman Art

Facts about Craig Redman 3: the place of birth

As I have stated before, Redman is an Australian born artist. Even though now he lives in New York City, the place of birth of Redman is in New South Wales.

Facts about Craig Redman 4: the occupations

Redman is famous as a designer and illustrator. He is very a very talented person. He is one of the Australian artists who decide to live in another country.

Craig Redman Picture

Craig Redman Picture

Facts about Craig Redman 5: who is Karl Maier?

Karl Maier and Redman founded Craig & Karl. It was a cross continental design firm. Maier is a collaborator of Redman who lives in Sydney.

Facts about Craig Redman 6: the clients of Craig & Karl

Let’s find out the famous clients of Craig & Karl. Those include Converse, Vogue, Microsoft, The New York Times, Nike, Apple, and MTV.

Craig Redman Work

Craig Redman Work

Facts about Craig Redman 7: the characteristics of Redman’s works

The works of Redman are qualified for having serious cool look, intelligent humor and bold solid color. Get facts about colour theory here.

Facts about Craig Redman 8: the popularity of Darcel Disappoints

Darcel Disappoints is a semi auto biographical character created by Craig. It is very popular in the world.

Facts about Craig Redman

Facts about Craig Redman

Facts about Craig Redman 9: collaboration with Colette

Redman has collaborated with Colette for various projects which include candles to exhibitions, skateboards and lighters. Get facts about contemporary arts here.

Facts about Craig Redman 10: the dream creative project

The dream creative project of Redman is related to the increased popularity of Darcel. He wants his famous character seen in the laptop or even phone.

Craig Redman

Craig Redman

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