10 Facts about Cranberries

Thursday, April 14th 2016. | Plants

Facts about Cranberries talk about a plant included in the genus Vaccinium. It is considered as a type of trailing vines or evergreen dwarf shrubs. The term cranberry is used to call Vaccinium macrocarpon in North America. On the other hand, the word is used to call Vaccinium oxycoccos in Britain. You can spot Vaccinium macrocarpon in various countries in the world like in Chile, Canada and United States. Vaccinium oxycoccos is mainly spotted in northern Europe and central Europe. Here are other interesting facts about cranberries to note:

Facts about Cranberries 1: the height of the plant

The height is the plant is very low. The vines can grow with the height around 2 till 8 inches. The length of the vines can reach 7 feet.

Facts about Cranberries 2: the leaves and flowers of Cranberries

Cranberries have dark pink flowers and evergreen leaves. The bees like to pollinate the plants. The stems are not woody. They are sleek and slender.

Cranberries industry

Cranberries industry

Facts about Cranberries 3: the fruit

Cranberries are famous due to the fruit. The young fruits are in white color.  When they ripe, the white color changes into the deep red color. Compared to the leaves of Cranberries, the fruits are larger.

Facts about Cranberries 4: the edible fruit

The fruit of Cranberries can be eaten by the people. However, the sweetness of the fruit is easily overcome by the acidic taste.

Cranberries Pic

Cranberries Pic

Facts about Cranberries 5: a commercial crop

The fruit of Cranberries is considered as one of the commercial crops in Canada and United States. The people can generate various products from the fruit. You can create jam, sauce, and juice.

Facts about Cranberries 6: Cranberry sauce

The people who live in Canada, United States and United Kingdom consider Cranberry sauce as an important sauce. During the Charismas dinner, the turkey will be accompanied with cranberry sauce.



Facts about Cranberries 7: the nutritional value

There are various nutrients that you can get from cranberries. You can eat calorie, dietary fiber, sugar, vitamin A and many more.

Facts about Cranberries 8: the raw cranberries

Cranberries can be consumed raw. You can get the dietary fiber, dietary mineral and vitamin C. Check facts about corn here.

Cranberries Juice

Cranberries Juice

Facts about Cranberries 9: the products of cranberries in the stores

The cranberry sauce and juice are considered as the two most common products sold in the market. It occupies 95 percent of cranberry production. Find facts about cotton here.

Facts about Cranberries 10: cranberry juice

You can create the cranberry juice at home. To avoid the natural tartness, you can blend cranberry with other fruit to create the juice.

Facts about Cranberries

Facts about Cranberries

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