10 Facts about Crater Lake

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Facts about Crater Lake inform the readers with a caldera lake located in south central Oregon, United States. If you are interested to take a look at the Crater Lake closely, you have to go to the Crater Lake National Park. It is considered as the main feature there. People love it due to the high level of water clarity and deep blue color. Here are other interesting facts about Crater Lake for you.

Facts about Crater Lake 1: the depth of the caldera

Can you guess the depth of the caldera? It is around 655 meter or 2,148 feet deep. The scientists believe that the caldera was established around 7,700 years ago due to the volcano Mount Mazama’s collapse.

Facts about Crater Lake 2: the river

Crater Lake is not connected with a river. The snowfall and rain assist the natural evaporation process. The entire amount of water in Crater Lake will be completely restored per 250 years.

Crater Lake Image

Crater Lake Image

Facts about Crater Lake 3: the depth of the lake

Crater Lake has the depth at 594 meter or 1,949 feet. In United States, it is considered as the deepest one. Depending on the measured average or maximum depth, Crater Lake takes the 3rd or 9th deepest lake in the world.

Facts about Crater Lake 4: the Old Man of the Lake

Have you ever heard about the Old Man of the Lake?  It is always associated with Crater Lake.  For more than 100 years, the Old Man of the Lake or a full sized bobbing tree has been on the lake.

Crater Lake Pic

Crater Lake Pic

Facts about Crater Lake 5: the islands

You can find two islands in Crater Lake. Both are Phantom Ship and Wizard Island.

Facts about Crater Lake 6: Phantom Ship

Phantom Ship is the smaller island in Crater Lake. You can spot the lichens, wildflowers and violet green swallows living in this island. Get facts about Copper Canyon here.

Crater Lake Beauty

Crater Lake Beauty

Facts about Crater Lake 7: Wizard Island

Wizard Island is the bigger island. The eruption of a cinder cone formed this island.

Facts about Crater Lake 8: the fish in Crater Lake

In 1888 until 1941, Crater Lake was inhabited by different kinds of fish. However, there was no native fish population living here.

Crater Lake

Crater Lake

Facts about Crater Lake 9: John Wesley Hillman

John Wesley Hillman called the lake as Deep Blue Lake when he spotted this lake for the first time in June 1853. Find facts about Covent Garden here.

Facts about Crater Lake 10: the name of the lake

Before it is called Crater Lake, people called it Lake Majesty and Blue Lake in the past.

Facts about Crater Lake

Facts about Crater Lake

Are you thrilled reading facts about Crater Lake?

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