10 Facts about Craters

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Facts about Craters inform you with a circular depression that you can spot on the solid body of the solar system. It can be seen in a moon or even a planet. The impact crater is very different from the volcanic crater because the former is formed due to the internal collapse and explosion. The characteristics of the impact craters can be seen from the lowered floors and raised rims. Here are other interesting facts about craters to notice:

Facts about Craters 1: the size of the impact craters

The size of impact craters is various. You can find the multi ringed ones with complex and large size. Or probably you spot a very simple and small crater.  The shape can be in bowl look.

Facts about Craters 2: the small crater impact

Earth has the impact craters. The small one is the meteor crater. It has been a popular subject to learn by the scientists.



Facts about Craters 3: the solid solar system objects

The impact craters can be found in various solid solar system objects. You can find the craters in Ganymede, Callisto, Mercury, asteroids, Moon and small moons.

Facts about Craters 4: the less common visible impact craters

The impact craters are less visible in the solid objects which experience the active geological processes   like in Titan, Europa, Venus, lo, Mars and Earth. Due to the tectonic that occurs over the years, the impact craters became less visible.

Craters on Moon

Craters on Moon

Facts about Craters 5: the term

Today, the people use the term impact crater to describe this feature. In the past, the people use the term cryptovolcanic or cryptoexplosion to describe the impact crater. It was found in the early literature.

Facts about Craters 6: the old surface

The old surface of the impact crater could be traced back around 3.9 billion years ago. It could be seen in the Moon and Mercury. Check continent facts here.

Facts about Craters

Facts about Craters

Facts about Craters 7: the production of crater

The production of impact crater on this planet is very limited.  Earth only has once every million of years to generate a crater with the diameter at 20 km.

Facts about Craters 8: Daniel Barringer

One of the first who recognized the impact crater is Daniel Barringer. He identified Meteor Crater in Arizona. The crater is called Barringer Crater.

Craters Image

Craters Image

Facts about Craters 9: Eugene Shoemaker

Another important person related to the impact crater research is Eugene Shoemaker. Get facts about Coriolis effect here.

Facts about Craters 10: the impact process

There are three different stages involved in the impact crater process. Those are the initial contact and compression for the first stage. They are followed by excavation. The last stages are the modification and collapse.



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