10 Facts about Crathes Castle

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If you want to know one of the notable buildings in Scotland, you have to check Facts about Crathes Castle. The location of this castle is close to Banchory in Aberdeenshire. It was established in 16th century. Burnets of Leys built the castle and owned it for around 500 years. Today, Crathes Castle is open for public visiting. National Trust of Scotland owns and manages the building. Let’s check other interesting facts about Crathes Castle below:

Facts about Crathes Castle 1: the land of Crathes Castle

In 1323, King Roberst the Bruce awarded Burnett of Leys family with the land that they used to build Crathes Castle.

Facts about Crathes Castle 2: a fortress of timbers

A fortress of timbers was established by Burnett of Leys in 14th and 15th century. They applied crannog method to build the fortress. In the Late Middle Ages, it was a very common method to build fortification.

Crathes Castle UK

Crathes Castle UK

Facts about Crathes Castle 3: the tower house

In 1553, the tower house of Crathes Castle was constructed. The political problems which took place in the era of Mary Queen of Scots made the construction postponed several times. Get facts about Conwy Castle here.

Facts about Crathes Castle 4: the completion of Crathes Castle

Alexander Burnett of Leys completed the construction of Crathes Castle in 1596. In 18th century, it featured an extra wing. In the beginning of 17th century, there was a new project that Alexander Burnett had. He decided to rebuild Muchalls Castle. It belonged for Burnett family for almost 500 years.

Crathes Castle Pictures

Crathes Castle Pictures

Facts about Crathes Castle 5: Sir James Burnett

In 1951, Sir James Burnett who was the 13th Baronet of Leys gave Crathes Castle to National Trust for Scotland. Find facts about Chepstow Castle here.

Facts about Crathes Castle 6: fire

In 1966, there was an accident occurred in Crathes Castle. The Queen Anne wing was destroyed by a fire.

Crathes Castle Pic

Crathes Castle Pic

Facts about Crathes Castle 7: the interior design

If you are inside Crathes Castle, you can view the impressive ceilings decorated with ornate Scottish renaissance painting and several collections of portraits.

Facts about Crathes Castle 8: the rooms

There are many rooms inside Crathes Castle. You can go to the Green Lady’s Room, the Chamber of Nine Worthies, Chamber of the Muses and Jacobean rooms. The people believe that the green lady haunts the former room.

Crathes Castle Beauty

Crathes Castle Beauty

Facts about Crathes Castle 9: the great hall

The great hall features a fireplace with ancient jeweled ivory. In 1323, the king gave it to Burnetts.

Facts about Crathes Castle 10: the garden

The garden in Crathes Castle is beautiful. The walled garden spans on four acres of land. The fields and woodlands span on 530 acres of land.

Facts about Crathes Castle

Facts about Crathes Castle

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