10 Facts about Crawley

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Let me show you the interesting information about a borough and town in West Sussex, England on Facts about Crawley. Based on the 2011 census, the town was occupied by 106,597 people. It covers the area around 44.96 km square or 17.36 square miles. The people had occupied Crawley since Stone Age.  During the Roman Occupation, it served as the ironworking center.  Check other facts about Crawley below:

Facts about Crawley 1: as a market town

In 13th century, Crawley became a market town in England. The people who lived in the nearby villages also came to Crawley to shop.

Facts about Crawley 2: the coaching inns

The coaching inns were flourished in Crawley because of the primary road location which connected London to Brighton.  In 1840, the railway network was established to link this passing trade.

Crawley Facts

Crawley Facts

Facts about Crawley 3: Gatwick Airport

One of the busiest international airports in Britain is Gatwick Airport. In 1940, this airport was established at the edge of Crawley.  Due to the opening of the airport, the industries and commercial business developed in Crawley.

Facts about Crawley 4: the neighborhood

Crawley has thirteen residential neighborhoods. You can spot different types of residential buildings in each neighborhood in Crawley. Those include bungalows, low rise flats, detached house, semi detached houses and terraced houses.

Crawley Images

Crawley Images

Facts about Crawley 5: the hub of the neighborhood

The church, community center, recreational area, school and shopping parades are some of the hubs for each neighborhood in Crawley. Most people who live here have a garden in the house.

Facts about Crawley 6: the population

Between in 1951 and 2001, the new town of Crawley had 1,000 percent growth of population.

Crawley Pic

Crawley Pic

Facts about Crawley 7: the economy of Crawley

In the past, Crawley was famous as a market town. There was a purpose to transform Crawley into an industrial zone by having manufacturing and light engineering.

Facts about Crawley 8: the unemployment rate in Crawley

The unemployment rate for Crawley was 1.47 percent since the Second World War. Get facts about Bury here.

Crawley Town

Crawley Town

Facts about Crawley 9: a balanced community

The balanced community was encouraged in Crawley by having shops, houses and industries.

Facts about Crawley 10: Crawley Museum

If you want to know the history of Crawley from the Stone Age, Bronze Age until today, you can go to Crawley Museum. Get facts about Conwy here.

Facts about Crawley

Facts about Crawley

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