10 Facts about Crayfish

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Facts about Crayfish talk about the freshwater crustaceans. The body shape of crayfish reminds you with the shape of small lobster. It has various names. You can call them freshwater lobsters, crawdad, crawfish or even mudbugs. Crayfish has the feather like gills which enable the animals to breathe.  You can find them living in the rice paddies, ditches, stream, brooks and swamps. Here are other interesting facts about crayfish to note:

Facts about Crayfish 1: the water condition

Crayfish survives well if they live in a freshwater area with high level of clarity. The polluted water is not a good place for crayfish. They cannot tolerate it.

Facts about Crayfish 2: the diet

Crayfish lives by consuming the plants and animals. If you are interested to study about crayfish, you need to check astacology.

Crayfish Image

Crayfish Image

Facts about Crayfish 3: the term crayfish

As I have stated before, crayfish is called in various names. The people who live in the north region of Eastern United States often use the term crayfish. The people in southwestern and central regions use the term crawdad to call the fish.

Facts about Crayfish 4: the length of crayfish

The length of crayfish is around 6.9 inches or 17.5 cm. At the end of the walking legs, you can spot a small claw.

Crayfish Pictures

Crayfish Pictures

Facts about Crayfish 5: the family of crayfish

Crayfish has three families. One is located in Southern Hemisphere, while the two are located in Northern Hemisphere.

Facts about Crayfish 6: The Southern Hemisphere crayfish

The crayfish which lives in Southern Hemisphere can be found in Australasia, Madagascar and South America.

Crayfish Size

Crayfish Size

Facts about Crayfish 7: the other two families of crayfish

The crayfish included in the family Cambaridae can be spotted on the eastern North America and eastern Asia.  The crayfish in family Astacidae spreads on western North America and western Eurasia. Read blue crab facts here.

Facts about Crayfish 8: the crayfish in the lowland areas

The content of calcium is very high in the crayfish which live in the lowland regions. The Arizona reservoirs were introduced with several species of crayfish in the past. It was used to feed the sport fish.

Facts about Crayfish

Facts about Crayfish

Facts about Crayfish 9: the largest freshwater crayfish

The two largest freshwater crayfish in the world are found in Australia. Murray crayfish Euastacus armatus was discovered in southern Murray-Darling Basin. It had the weight at 2 kg. Another one is Tasmanian giant freshwater crayfish which reached the weight at 5 kg. Get facts about cranes here.

Facts about Crayfish 10: Crayfish plague

Crayfish plague is used to call a disease which attack crayfish. Aphanomyces astac causes the plague.

Crayfish Pic

Crayfish Pic

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