10 Facts about Crayola

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You will get interesting information about the brand of artist supplies on Facts about Crayola. Crayola, LLC is the manufacturer of this famous brand. In the past, the company was recognized as Binney & Smith Company. The headquarters of Crayola is located in Forks Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania. The main product of this company is crayon.

Facts about Crayola 1: a subsidiary

Hallmark Cards owns Crayola since 1984. It has been a subsidiary of this company. At first, Crayola focused on the production of industrial pigment supply.

Facts about Crayola 2: the new products

The products of Crayola then were shifted from the pigment supplies to the art products. They did not consider the industries as the main consumers for they targeted the products for the school and home use.

Crayola Facts

Crayola Facts

Facts about Crayola 3: the products manufactured by Crayola

Crayola manufactures several products like paints, colored pencils, crayons, chalk, modeling clay and markers. Crayon is considered as the primary product in the company.

Facts about Crayola 4: the safety of the products

The safety of the products is amazing because all products manufactured in the company are non toxic. Therefore, kids can use them safely.

Crayola Products

Crayola Products

Facts about Crayola 5: the crayons

As I have stated before, Crayola is notable as a producer of crayons. Most of them are produced in US.

Facts about Crayola 6: Portfolio Series brand

Portfolio Series brand is another product from Crayola. This brand is marketed for those who look for the professional art products.

Crayola Pictures

Crayola Pictures

Facts about Crayola 7: the popularity of Crayola brand

Crayola brand is very famous in United States. The company states that their products have been marketed in more than 80 countries in the world. Moreover, the people who live in United States are familiar with Crayola brand. They are mostly marketed to schools even though few of them are sold in restaurants and hotels.

Facts about Crayola 8: the complete colors

There are various colors of crayons from Crayola.   The special effect ones are unique. You can get crayons in neon or even glitter colors. Check facts about colors here.

Crayola Image

Crayola Image

Facts about Crayola 9: the retail packages

Today, you get the crayons from Crayola marketed with multiples of eight in a pack.  You can purchase the pack of crayons in 8, 16 or even 24. Get crayons facts here.

Facts about Crayola 10: A 150-crayon pack

You will get 118 regular crayons along with 16 metallic FX crayons and 16 glitter crayons if you purchase a 150-crayon pack.

Facts about Crayola

Facts about Crayola

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