10 Facts about Cream Cheese

Tuesday, April 19th 2016. | Culinary

The food which contains high level of fat is explained on Facts about Cream Cheese. It is considered as one of the favorite foods of many European and American people. This cheese has the mild taste and soft texture. It is widely produced by the industries in the world for commercial purpose. During the production of commercial cream cheese, carrageenan and carob bean gum are added. Both are the stabilizers. Get other interesting facts about cream cheese below:

Facts about Cream Cheese 1: the content of cream cheese

The pH range for cream cheese is around 4.4 to 4.9. It has the moisture content less than 55 percent with the milk fat content around 33 percent. That’s the information released by FDA in United States.

Facts about Cream Cheese 2: the content of cream cheese in other countries

Since other countries have different ways of cooking cream cheese, the content of fat or milk may be higher.

Facts about Cream Cheese

Facts about Cream Cheese

Facts about Cream Cheese 3: the fresh consumption

Cream cheese is delicious to be consumed fresh because it is matured naturally.

Facts about Cream Cheese 4:  the soft cheeses

Some soft cheeses in the market include Brie and Neufchâtel. Both are different from the cream cheese even though this cheese has soft and mild texture. But many people often associate cream cheese with Boursin and Mascarpone due to the production technique, taste and texture.

Cream Cheese Texture

Cream Cheese Texture

Facts about Cream Cheese 5: the prototype

The people can trace back the first prototype of cream cheese in 1583 in England. In 1651, the people in France began to recognize the cream cheese. After 1754, people started to record the recipes of cream cheese.

Facts about Cream Cheese 6: cream cheese in United States

In the early mid 18th century, the newspapers and cookbooks of United States featured the cream cheese recipes. The best example of cream cheese produced in United States could be traced back in dairy farms in Philadelphia by 1820s. The production of cream cheese was in small quantity because it was handled by family farms.

Cream Cheese Pictures

Cream Cheese Pictures

Facts about Cream Cheese 7: the mass production of cream cheese

The first mass production of cream cheese was made by a dairyman in 1873.  He was William A. Lawrence. Check facts about cotton candy here.

Facts about Cream Cheese 8: the process of making cream cheese

William A. Lawrence produced cream cheese massively after he bought a Neufchatel factory in 1872. To make the cheese richer, he added cream.

Cream Cheese Pic

Cream Cheese Pic

Facts about Cream Cheese 9: the first brand of cream cheese

Neufchatel & Cream Cheese is considered as the first brand of cream cheese. It was created in 1877 by Lawrence. Get facts about cracker barrel here.

Facts about Cream Cheese 10: the homemade cream cheese

If you are not interested to buy the manufactured cream cheese in the supermarket, create the homemade cream cheese. There are various recipes of cream cheese to try.

Cream Cheese Facts

Cream Cheese Facts

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