10 Facts about Creatine

Monday, April 18th 2016. | Health

Facts about Creatine tell you about the nitrogenous organic acid.  It is considered as an important element in the body because it can supply the energy to all cells. It can be found in vertebrates naturally. The formation of ATP or adenosine triphosphate can be made if Creatine is produced. Let’s find other interesting facts about Creatine below:

Facts about Creatine 1: the identification of Creatine

In 1832, Michel Eugène Chevreul identified the Creatine. He worked on the skeletal muscle to isolate Creatine. The name of this element is derived from the word kreas. It means meat.

Facts about Creatine 2: the blood of human being

Creatine only occupies 1 percent in the blood of human. The animal blood contains the highest concentration of Creatine. The muscle of animal contains 0.50 percent of Creatine. Creatine only accounts 0.01 percent in the kidney and liver. The testes and brain have 0.18 percent and 0.14 percent of creatine. Get colic facts here.

Creatine Image

Creatine Image

Facts about Creatine 3: the quality of meat

Now people can check the quality of meat from Creatine content. Find facts about cracking hydrocarbon here.

Facts about Creatine 4: the Creatine supplement

If you are interested to increase the volume of the muscle, the Creatine supplement is one of the solutions. There are many sprinters, wrestlers, bodybuilders and athletes who consume Creatine to increase the muscle mass.

Creatine Molecules

Creatine Molecules

Facts about Creatine 5: allergies

Make sure that you are not allergic to Creatine if you want to consume it. The asthmatic symptoms are always linked with the consumption of Creatine.

Facts about Creatine 6: the negative review about Creatine supplement

Creatine supplement has been negatively reviewed in 2009. It was found out that Creatine supplement was associated with diarrhea, muscle cramping, low heat tolerance and hydration.

Creatine Pic

Creatine Pic

Facts about Creatine 7: other negative effects

The people who have kidney disease should avoid consuming Creatine supplement. The report states that the use of Creatine can damage the kidney.

Facts about Creatine 8: the risk free consumption

There is a recommendation for a risk free Creatine consumption created by EFSA or European Food Safety Authority in 2004. It is risk free for the people to consume 3 gram pure Creatine for the oral long term intake.

Facts about Creatine

Facts about Creatine

Facts about Creatine 9: the large quantities of Creatine consumption

The large quantities of Creatine consumption are not good for the people. It can increase the formaldehyde production in the body which can lead into negative side effect.

Facts about Creatine 10: the milk

The human milk contains less amount of Creatine than the pasteurized milk produced by cows.

Creatine Supplement

Creatine Supplement

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