10 Facts about Creationism

Sunday, April 17th 2016. | Religion

If you are interested to know more about a religious belief related to the divine creation, look at Facts about Creationism. Have you ever studied about Creationism before?  The people who embrace Creationism believe that the specific acts of divine creation were the origin of the life and universe. There is no need to wonder the scientific theory of evolution is rejected by the young earth creationists. These people try to interpret the Genesis creation narrative to understand more about creationism. Here are other facts about creationism for you:

Facts about Creationism 1: the development of evolutionary history

In 18th century, the people witnessed the development of the evolutionary thought.  The Western culture was bombarded with various sciences. There were several people who tried to reconcile these developed sciences with genesis and Abrahamic religions.

Facts about Creationism 2: controversy

The controversy occurred when some people rejected the creation evolution theory. It was very common to spot the anti evolutionists.

Creationism Debate

Creationism Debate

Facts about Creationism 3: the term creationism in United States

The term creationism was connected with the Christian fundamentalists in United States when the term was introduced in 1929.

Facts about Creationism 4: the Christian fundamentalists in US

At that time, the Christian fundamentalists in United States rejected the idea of human evolution. They believe in a young earth creation.

Creationism Pictures

Creationism Pictures

Facts about Creationism 5: the other groups of creationists

The other groups like the evolutionary creationists and old earth creationists rejected the ideas provoked by the young Earth creationists. Both of them accepted the biological evolution and the age of earth.

Facts about Creationism 6: a unity

Even though each group has different opinion related to the method of creation, they still have a unity. All of them believe that the universe is created by God. Find facts about Christianity here.

Creationism Image

Creationism Image

Facts about Creationism 7: the literalist creationism

The theory of evolution has been challenged by the literalist creationism in United States since 1920s. They argued that the complexity, diversity and history of Earth’s life are not caused by the evolution.

Facts about Creationism 8: the scientific research

The scientific research elaborates the theoretical conclusion and empirical evidence used as the base for the scientific theories of evolution. Get facts about continent here.



Facts about Creationism 9: Pseudoscientific branches of creationism

Creationism is divided in several pseudoscientific branches. Those include flood geology, creation science, pseudolinguistics, pseudohistory, pseudoarchaeology and intelligent design.

Facts about Creationism 10: the rejected ideas

The ideas rejected by creationism are origin of universe, formation of the Solar System, geological history of the Earth and theory of evolution.

Facts about Creationism

Facts about Creationism

What do you think on facts about creationism?

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