10 Facts about Creative Commons

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Let me show you some interesting information about an American nonprofit organization on Facts about Creative Commons. Do you know the aim of this organization? It is used to increase and promote the rights of creative works. The works can be shared to the public without leaving the legal entity and right of the creators. Check other facts about Creative Commons below:

Facts about Creative Commons 1: the copyright licenses

The Creative Commons licenses free of charge is a term used to call a copyright license issued by organization.

Facts about Creative Commons 2: the formal copyright

The formal copyright is not replaced by Creative Common licenses. However, the latter one is created based on the copyright.

Creative Commons Image

Creative Commons Image

Facts about Creative Commons 3: the explanation of Creative Commons license

Each Creative Commons license is explained in one page. It contains the visual symbols to give the people a hint of the rights. The one page explanation is very easy to understand.

Facts about Creative Commons 4: the founder of Creative Commons

Who founded Creative Commons? Lawrence Lessig, Eric Eldred and Hal Abelson established this organization in 2001. Center for Public Domain supported the establishment.

Creative Commons Pic

Creative Commons Pic

Facts about Creative Commons 5: Hal Plotkin

Hal Plotkin wrote the first article about Creative Commons. In February 2002, it was published. In December 2002, Creative Commons released the first copyright licenses.

Facts about Creative Commons 6: the founding management team

Glenn Otis Brown, Molly Shaffer Van Houweling, Ben Adida, and Neeru Paharia were the members of the founding management team. Their role was related to the development of the infrascture as well as the licenses of Creative Commons.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons

Facts about Creative Commons 7: the licensed works of Creative Commons

Creative Commons is considered as one of the notable organizations.  There were around 1.1 billion works which have been licensed by Creative Commons by 2016. Get facts about Cafod here.

Facts about Creative Commons 8: the licensed photos

There were more than 306 million photos of Flickr which earned Creative Commons licenses.

Creative Commons Pictures

Creative Commons Pictures

Facts about Creative Commons 9: the staffs of Creative Commons

There are several staffs of Creative Commons. The Director of Open Education is Cable Green. The Technical Lead of Creative Commons is Matt Lee. The CEO is Ryan Merkley. The General Counsel is Diane Peters. Sarah Hinchliff-Pearson serves as the senior counsel.

Facts about Creative Commons 10: Board of Creative Commons

Johnathan Nightingale, Ben Adida, Kate Spelman, Paul Brest and Renata Avila are some of the people who sit on the Board of Creative Commons. Find facts about Comic Relief here.

Facts about Creative Commons

Facts about Creative Commons

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