10 Facts about Creativity

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Facts about Creativity give the information about the creation of new and valuable thing or thought. There are several forms of creativity such as a joke, a musical composition, scientific theory, idea, a poem, novel, or even a book. The painting, invention, technology, artworks and literary works are included as a part of creativity. Let’s find out other interesting facts about creativity below:

Facts about Creativity 1: the disciplines

You spot creativity in various disciplines such as philosophy, education, psychology, songwriting, sociology, theology, technology, business, economics and linguistics.

Facts about Creativity 2: the relationship of creativity

Creativity does not stand alone. It is also connected with mental health, intelligence, creative ability, neurological process and personality.

Creativity Idea

Creativity Idea

Facts about Creativity 3: how to increase creativity

There are several ways that you can do to increase creativity. You can follow training or gain it through education.

Facts about Creativity 4: theories of creativity

If you are curious to know why some people are more creative than the other people, you need to look at the theories of creativity.

Creativity Pic

Creativity Pic

Facts about Creativity 5: Mel Rhodes

Mel Rhodes created the theory of creativity which focused on four aspects. Those are process, product, person and place. Rhodes believed they were the dominant factors which led into creativity.

Facts about Creativity 6: creative thinking

The techniques and mechanisms of creative thinking can be explained by focusing the cognitive process.
Facts about Creativity

Facts about Creativity

Facts about Creativity 7: Guilford

Guilford thought that the creative process can be conducted by focusing on the divergent thinking. It should not focus on the convergent thought. Check color blindness facts here.

Facts about Creativity 8: the creative person

The creative person can be seen from their characters. They usually have higher level of exploratory behavior, expertise, autonomy, openness and ideation.
Creativity Pictures

Creativity Pictures

Facts about Creativity 9: Psychometric approach

If you want to know the level of creativity, you can take Psychometric approach. In 1967, the modern approach was developed by J. P. Guilford’s group. The test includes the quick response, plot titles, unusual uses, figure concepts, remote association, elaboration, fluency and originality. Get courage facts here.

Facts about Creativity 10: the relationship between creativity and intelligence

Since the end of 1900s, the people were interested to find out the relationship between intelligence and creativity. Several theories have been developed. The major ones include certification theory, threshold theory and interference theory. The latter one believes that the creative ability is interfered by the tremendously high intelligence.

Creativity Facts

Creativity Facts

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