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Let me show you the detail information about one of the Native American tribes on Facts about Creek. People often call them Muskogee or Muscogee. The traditional spelling for the word is Mvskoke. The origin of the Creek can be traced back to the southeastern woodlands.  Now you can spot the Creek living in several areas in United States such as Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Oklahoma. Here are other interesting facts about Creek to note:

Facts about Creek 1: the origin of the Creek

Let’s find out the origin of the Creek. It was believed that the Mississippian culture people were the ancestors of the Creek.  The regional chiefdoms located along the Mississippi river valley and the tributaries of Creek featured their earthwork mounds.

Facts about Creek 2: the language

Creek spoke Muscogee language.  It is included as one of languages in Muscogean family.

Creek Clothes

Creek Clothes

Facts about Creek 3: the Spanish explorers

In the mid-16th century, the Spanish explorers and the ancestors of Creek encountered each other. The Mississippian chiefdoms located in Southeast were visited by early Spanish explorers.

Facts about Creek 4: the civilization plan

George Washington has a civilization plan toward the Native American people. The first one to be civilized was the Creek.

Creek People

Creek People

Facts about Creek 5: Creek in 19th century

One of the Five Civilized Tribes was Creek by 19th century.  At that time, the tribe incorporated several technological methods and cultural practices in the way of living.

Facts about Creek 6: the European-American encroachment

The European-American encroachment was resisted by the Creek. Tecumseh was the Shawnee leader who supported the Creek. Check facts about Connecticut colony here.

Facts about Creek

Facts about Creek

Facts about Creek 7: Red Stick War

Red Stick War was one of the important historical events among the Creek people. The civil war took place in 1813 until 1814. The Southern Creeks became the allies of United States, while Northern Creek Bands were against United States.

Facts about Creek 8: General Andrew Jackson

The war against all Creeks was announced by General Andrew Jackson. He used the rebellion of the creek as an opportunity to create a war.

Creek Indians

Creek Indians

Facts about Creek 9: the result of the war

After the war ended, Creek Nation was very weak. Moreover, the Creek lands were ceded to United States. Get facts about black cowboys here.

Facts about Creek 10: the notable Creek people

Some of the famous Creek people are Ernest Childers, Fred Beaver, Acee Blue Eagle, Jack Jacobs and Samuel Benton Callahan.

Creek Images

Creek Images

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