10 Facts about Creepers

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One of the interesting styles of shoes is explained on Facts about Creepers. People often call it brothel creeper. The upper parts of the shoes usually are made of suede, while the soles are made in thick crepe. After the Second World War, creepers were very popular among the people. It is one of the most fashionable shoes at that time. Get the other facts about creepers below:

Facts about Creepers 1: the origin of popularity

Before the common people wore creepers, they were very popular among the soldiers in North Africa in the Second World War. The soldiers at that time wearing the hard crepe rubber soles for their suede boots.

Facts about Creepers 2: John Ayto

The person who coined the word brothel creeper was John Ayto in 1991 in an article in The Observer.

Unique Creepers

Unique Creepers

Facts about Creepers 3: The Smithsonian

The name creeper is used to call this type of shoes because of the crepe in the thick sole. It was believed by The Smithsonian.

Facts about Creepers 4: a Ken Mackintosh dance tune

Some people connected Creepers with The Creep. It was a Ken Mackintosh dance tune.

Facts about Creepers

Facts about Creepers

Facts about Creepers 5: the commercial production of creeper

George Cox Limited of Wellingborough in United Kingdom had the first commercial production of creepers.

Facts about Creepers 6: the marketing of creepers

Creepers produced by George Cox Limited were sold in the market under the title Hamilton. It was taken from the middle name of George Cox Jr. Check British Wool facts here.



Facts about Creepers 7: the design and style

The first commercial creepers were made of polished leather and suede. The color was dominated in blue shades. The buyers were offered with electric blue and pastel blue hue. Then, the company improvised by producing the more fashioned style and colorful creepers.

Facts about Creepers 8: Teddy Boys

Teddy Boys dressed up wearing creepers. They styled these unique shoes by having drape jacket, exposed socks and drainpipe trousers.

Creepers Shoes

Creepers Shoes

Facts about Creepers 9: Ton-Up boys

In 1950, Ton-Up boys loved to wear creepers. In 1960s, the rockers popularized the creepers. When they were not riding the motorcycle, these people would wear creepers. Get facts about cotton fabric here.

Facts about Creepers 10: the popularity in 1970s

In 1970s, creepers gained the popularity against after Malcolm McLaren traded the pairs in his shop.

Creepers Facts

Creepers Facts

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