10 Facts about Creepypasta

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Facts about Creepypasta give the interesting information about the horror related images or legends. The images and legends are very popular in the internet because they have been copied and pasted. The stories try to shock the readers. They often depict the stories of alien and ghosts. The forms of the stories include the stories of suicide and murder. Get other interesting facts about Creepypasta:

Facts about Creepypasta 1: the peak popularity

In 2010, Creepypasta was very popular based on the report of Time Magazine. It gained a lot of readers after The New York Times covered Creepypasta.

Facts about Creepypasta 2: Slender Man character

One of the notable fictitious characters in Creepypasta is Slender Man character. This character gained the attention from the public because of Slender Man stabbing in 2014. At that time, a girl was stabbed by two of her friends. She was from Waukesha. She was only 12 years old.

Creepypasta Images

Creepypasta Images

Facts about Creepypasta 3: the statement of Creepypasta website administrators

The readers of Creepypasta were reminded about the difference between reality and fiction by the website administrators.

Facts about Creepypasta 4: the book

Creepypasta: Spökhistorier från Internet was a book released in Sweden in October 2014. The English title of the book is Creepypasta: Ghost Stories from the Internet.

Creepypasta Facts

Creepypasta Facts

Facts about Creepypasta 5: the notable stories and characters

Psychosis, Ted the Caver and Jeff the Killer are some notable stories and characters from Creepypasta.

Facts about Creepypasta 6: a live action web series

Clive Barker curates a live action web series. The plan was announced Machinima in May 2015. The title of the web series was Clive Barker’s Creepy Pasta. Find facts about computer games here.

creepypasta characters

creepypasta characters

Facts about Creepypasta 7: the character Slender Man

Slender Man is described with a blank face. He was characterized with tall and thin body. They try to devastate and haunt the people. They are depicted wearing a black suit.

Facts about Creepypasta 8: Jeff the Killer

Jeff the Killer is an important character in Creepypasta. The face of Jeff was burned because of the bullying incident that he received when he was a teen.



Facts about Creepypasta 9: Jeff the Killer after the incident

Jeff became insane after the incident which made his face burned. Now he became a famous serial killer. Before he murdered the victim, he would say go to sleep. Find facts about Counter Strike here.

Facts about Creepypasta 10: Ted the Caver

In the early 2001, people were impressed with the story of Ted the Craver. It was a story about a man and his friends who had adventures by traveling around a local cave.

Facts about Creepypasta

Facts about Creepypasta

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