10 Facts about Crepes

Friday, April 22nd 2016. | Culinary

Facts about Crepes inform the readers about a thin pancake. The word crepe is taken from the Latin word crispa. It means curled. You can create crepe from buckwheat flour or even wheat flour. The people who live in North Africa, France, Belgium, Southern Cone of South America, European countries and Quebec like to consume crepe. Actually crepe is often connected Brittany, France. Check other interesting facts about crepes by reading the following post below:

Facts about Crepes 1: the fillings

Crepes are very popular in the world. You can create the delicious crepes with different types of fillings. If you want the complex filling, use the savory galettes. The simple filling is only made of sugar.

Facts about Crepes 2: how to create crepes

Creating the delicious crepes is not as difficult as you might think before. Prepare a flat circular hot plate or frying plan. Then you can put the wheat batter and vegetable oil or butter on the plate.

Facts about Crepes

Facts about Crepes

Facts about Crepes 3: the consistency of the wheat batter

Since crepes are very thin, the wheat batter should not be thick. Use trowel or spatula to distribute the batter over the plate evenly.

Facts about Crepes 4: how to create crepes

Creating crepes will never take a very long time. You just have to wait for 30 to 60 minutes to get one crepe. When the crepe is done, you will get a thin pancake in the shape like a moon. It is okay for you to flip it.

Crepes Pictures

Crepes Pictures

Facts about Crepes 5: the sweet crepes

The wheat flour is the main ingredient to create the sweet crepe. If you want to create the savory crepe, use buckwheat.

Facts about Crepes 6: the ingredients of batter

Can you mention the ingredients to create batters?  You just have to mix water, milk, butter, salt, sugar, flour and eggs.

Crepes Pic

Crepes Pic

Facts about Crepes 7: the filling for the savory crepes

There are many types of fillings for the savory crepes. You can choose ratatouille, ham, meat, cheese, , artichoke and mushrooms. Find facts about Cracker Barrel here.

Facts about Crepes 8: when to eat the sweet crepes

The sweet crepes are often served as a dessert or breakfast menu. The sweet toping for the crepes include the slides fruits, fruits spreads, whipped cream, powered sugar, granulated sugar, nuts, lemon juice, custard and maple syrup.

Crepes Images

Crepes Images

Facts about Crepes 9: mille crepe

In France, mille crepe is the most popular one. The meaning of the word mille is a thousand. It is called mille because it contains many layers. Check facts about cream cheese here.

Facts about Crepes 10: the other types of crepes

If you are not interested to taste mille crepe, you can choose Cherry Kijafa Crêpes, Crêpe dentelle, crepe suzette, and many more.

Crepes Facts

Crepes Facts

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