10 Facts about Crete

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Let me show you the interesting information about the most populous island in Greece on Facts about Crete.  It also earns the title as the largest island in the country. In Mediterranean Sea, Crete ranks in the fifth place as the largest island.  It was inhabited by 623,065 people as of 2011. Heraklion is considered as the largest city in Crete. It also serves as the capital in the island. Get other interesting facts about Crete below.

Facts about Crete 1: the history and culture of Crete

Crete is always a part of Greece. The cultural heritage, history and culture are always connected with Greece. However, the music and poetry in Crete have unique cultural characteristics.

Facts about Crete 2: the Minoan civilization

The Minoan Civilization took place circa 2700 until 1420 BC. In the past, Crete was used as the center of the civilization. In Europe, the Minon Civilization is considered as the oldest recorded civilization.

Crete Beauty

Crete Beauty

Facts about Crete 3: the shape of Crete Island

The island of Crete has the elongated shape. It has the area at 3,219 square miles or 8,336 km square.

Facts about Crete 4: the landscape

The landscape of Crete is dominated with mountainous features.  The west to the east area is occupied by a high mountain range. The Idi Range has the height at 8,058 feet, while the Lefka Ori has the height at 8,045 feet.

Crete Facts

Crete Facts

Facts about Crete 5: the beautiful valleys

The dominant mountains in Crete make the island filled with various beautiful natural features like the beautiful gorges, Gourgouthakas cave, Lasithi plateau and Amari valley.

Facts about Crete 6: the gorges

There are numerous gorges that you can spot in Crete such as the Gorge of the Dead, Samariá Gorge, Richtis Gorge, Kourtaliotiko Gorge, Imbros Gorge, Platania gorge and Ha Gorge.  Find facts about Corsica here.



Facts about Crete 7: the freshwater lakes

Crete is a home to two freshwater lakes. Both are Agia and Lake Kournas. Lake of Mpramiana dam, Lake of Aposelemis dam and Lake of Potamos dam are the three lake dams in the island.

Facts about Crete 8: the rivers

Crete has several rivers such as Megas Potamos, Koiliaris, Ieropotamos River and Almiros.

Crete Greece

Crete Greece

Facts about Crete 9: the climate

The climate in Crete is divided in two zones. Both are the North African and Mediterranean climate. Get facts about Cozumel here.

Facts about Crete 10: the weather

The winter season usually is mild.  The weather usually is humid. The proximity to the sea affects the humidity in Crete.

Facts about Crete

Facts about Crete

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