10 Facts about Cri Du Chat

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Those who want to learn more on Facts about Cri Du Chat should check the following post below. This syndrome occurs because of the deletion or missing part of chromosome 5. This disorder is genetically rare. Some people often call it as Lejeune’s syndrome or chromosome 5p deletion syndrome. The term cri du chat is taken from French. The meaning is call of the cat or cat cry. The syndrome receives the cri du chat name because of the facial cat like cry on patients. Check other interesting facts about cri du chat below.

Facts about Cri Du Chat 1: the explanation about cri du chat

In 1963, Jérôme Lejeune describe cri du chat syndrome.  This condition can be found in all ethnicities.

Facts about Cri Du Chat 2: the ratio

The cri du chat is more common to spot on females with the ratio 4:3. Moreover, the condition occurs in 1 of 50,000 live births.  Find facts about coronary heart disease here.

Facts about Cri Du Chat

Facts about Cri Du Chat

Facts about Cri Du Chat 3: the syndrome name

As I have stated before, the syndrome is taken from the name of facial cry look on the affected person. It reminds the people with the facial look of a meowing kitten. Therefore, the syndrome is called as cri du chat. The cry cat look is seen because the infants have the health problem related to the nervous system and larynx system.

Facts about Cri Du Chat 4: the cry appearance

When the infants are 2 years old, the cry look may be disappeared. Besides the cry look, there are other symptoms of cri du chat that you need to know. Some of them include the wide eyes, excessive drooling, skin tags, small jaw and small head. Find facts about Coeliac disease here.

Cri Du Chat Pictures

Cri Du Chat Pictures

Facts about Cri Du Chat 5: other symptoms

The infants with cri du chat also experience the difficulty to suck and swallow food. Most of them have to deal with the feeding problems. They also experience the motor, speech and cognitive delay.

Facts about Cri Du Chat 6: the growth and weight

When the baby with cri du chat is born, it has a low weight at birth. Moreover, the growth and development is very slow and poor.

Cri Du Chat Syndrome

Cri Du Chat Syndrome

Facts about Cri Du Chat 7: the facial features

The most common facial feature to spot on the person with cri du chat is the cry look. But they may also develop the unique facial features. The expression changes over the years.

Facts about Cri Du Chat 8: the behavioral problems

There are several behavioral problems on the infants with cri du chat. They often have repetitive movements, tantrums, aggression and hyperactivity.

Cri Du Chat Image

Cri Du Chat Image

Facts about Cri Du Chat 9: how to diagnose cri du chat

The physical problems as well as the unique cry look are used diagnose the condition.

Facts about Cri Du Chat 10: treatment

The surgical correction is often applied to treat the abnormal heart condition on the cri du chat infant.

Cri Du Chat Facts

Cri Du Chat Facts

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