10 Facts about Cricket Bats

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Facts about Cricket Bats will show you the history of a prominent tool used to play cricket. The function of cricket bat is to hit the ball. It will be used by the batsmen.  The bat is designed based on the standard rule. The width should not more than 108 mm or 4.25 inches, while the length should not more than 965 mm or 38 inches. In 1624, the usage of cricket bat was mentioned for the first time. This flat with wood blade features a cane handle. Check other interesting facts about cricket bats below:

Facts about Cricket Bats 1: the design of cricket bat

At the back or reverse area of the blade, it features a ridge. The striking face features the flat wooden block.

Facts about Cricket Bats 2: the traditional material

Willow wood is considered as the traditional material used to create the cricket bat. The linseed oil is used to treat the willow wood.

Cricket Bat Image

Cricket Bat Image

Facts about Cricket Bats 3: the rubber grip

There is a rubber grip used to cover the handle of cricket bat. The area where the blade and handle meet is infused with a wooden spring design.

Facts about Cricket Bats 4: the shape of cricket bat before 18th century

Have you seen the picture of cricket bat before 18th century? It reminds you with the shape of the present day hockey stick.

Cricket Bat Facts

Cricket Bat Facts

Facts about Cricket Bats 5: the oldest known cricket bat

If you are interested to look at the oldest known cricket bat in the world, you can go to Sandham Room at The Oval in London. The bat is displayed in there. In 1729, the bat was created.

Facts about Cricket Bats 6: when you purchase the cricket bat

When you buy a cricket bat for the first time, you have to knock in the bat.  Thus, it can prevent the bat from any damages when you use it.  The knocking in activity can be conducted by using a special mallet or an old cricket ball to strike the surface of cricket bat.

Cricket Bats

Cricket Bats

Facts about Cricket Bats 7: the weight

There is no rule related to the standard weight of cricket bat.  The weight of cricket bat usually is around 1.2 to 1.4 kilogram.

Facts about Cricket Bats 8: the variations of cricket bat

If you are in the stores, there are various types of cricket bat sold in different sizes. You can pick the adult size, youth size harrow and children size. Check facts about Chris Paul here.

Cricket Bat

Cricket Bat

Facts about Cricket Bats 9: the most common types of cricket bat

The most common type of adult sized cricket bat is the short handle one. But you can also buy the long blade and long handle ones. Get facts about Coutinho here.

Facts about Cricket Bats 10: the different types of bats

The first shoulderless bats were introduced in 1960s. Warsop Stebbing introduced the double-sided bats in 1970s.

Facts about Cricket Bats

Facts about Cricket Bats

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