10 Facts about Cricket World Cup

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Facts about Cricket World Cup give the interesting information about one of the biggest sport events in the world. ICC is the governing body which holds and organizes the event. In June 1975, England hosted the first world cup of cricket.  This sport is very popular around the world. It cannot beat the popularity of football. There were around 2.2 billion viewers attracted to watch the final of Cricket World Cup in 2011. Let’s find out other interesting facts about cricket world cup below:

Facts about Cricket World Cup 1: the tickets

Due to the popularity of cricket world cup, there are many people who want to watch the matches directly. There were 672,000 tickets sold in cricket world cup in 2007.

Facts about Cricket World Cup 2: the media attention

The media attention is directed to cricket world cup after it established One Day International cricket.

Cricket World Cup Facts

Cricket World Cup Facts

Facts about Cricket World Cup 3: the first mascot

The first mascot features in cricket world cup was Dazzler the Zebra. South Africa introduced this mascot in cricket world cup 2003.

Facts about Cricket World Cup 4: another mascot

The cricket world cup in 2007 featured Mello. This mascot depicted an orange mongoose. In 2011 cricket world cup, the people recognized a blue elephant as the mascot. They called it Stumpy.

Facts about Cricket World Cup

Facts about Cricket World Cup

Facts about Cricket World Cup 5: the host

The first three cricket world cup competitions were hosted by England. The resource to hold the event was covered by England. The India and Pakistan became the host of cricket world cup in 1987.

Facts about Cricket World Cup 6: the other hosts

In 2007, cricket world cup was held in West Indies. In 1992 and 2005, Australasia became the host. In 2003, South Africa hosted the event. In 1987, 1996 and 2011, South Asia accommodated the event. Find facts about Chris Bosh here.

Cricket World Cup Pic

Cricket World Cup Pic

Facts about Cricket World Cup 7: the winners

Australia became the winner in cricket world cup for five times, while West Indies twice. Pakistan and Sri Lanka won once, while India got the title twice.

Facts about Cricket World Cup 8: England in the matches

It was very surprising to know that England only took the second place for three times in 1979, 1987 and 1992.

Cricket World Cup Image

Cricket World Cup Image

Facts about Cricket World Cup 9: India

In 2011, India hosted the event and became the winner in the final. Get facts about crickets here.

Facts about Cricket World Cup 10: the first round elimination

During the first round, England, South Africa and Australia were eliminated in 1999, 2003 and 1992. All of them became the host at that time.

Cricket World Cup Event

Cricket World Cup Event

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