10 Facts about Crickets

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One of the most popular sports in the world is explained on Facts about Crickets. There are two teams who will compete in a cricket match. Each team is supported with 11 players.  The match will be held on a field. Due to the popularity of cricket, there are around 120 million cricket players. There is no need to wonder that cricket takes the record as the second most popular sport in the world. The first most popular one is football. Here are other interesting facts about cricket to notice:

Facts about Crickets 1: score

During the match, the cricket players will hope to create runs. They will have the opportunities to bat. An inning is a term used to call each turn given to the team.

Facts about Crickets 2: the batsman

Who is the batsman? He is the player who tries to use his bat to hit the ball. He can score the run if he can run fast to reach the end of the pitch.

Cricket Pic

Cricket Pic

Facts about Crickets 3: International Cricket Council

ICC stands for International Cricket Council. It is considered as the governed body of Cricket Sport. The ICC, MCC or Marylebone Cricket Club, One Day Internationals and Standard Playing Conditions for Test matches play an important role to maintain the Laws of Cricket.

Facts about Crickets 4: the first cricket match

In 16th century, the first cricket match was played in southern England. It was widely received as the national sport in England in 18th century.

Cricket Players

Cricket Players

Facts about Crickets 5: the international popularity

Cricket received wide popularity outside England because British Empire expanded in other countries in the world. The first international match of cricket was hosted in the mid-19th century. Get facts about Cam Newton here.

Facts about Crickets 6: the high popularity of cricket

Cricket is superb popular in several countries in the world such as in Southern Africa, West Indies, Indian Subcontinent, Australasia and England.



Facts about Crickets 7: the format of cricket

The format of cricket is various. It can be played with the duration from 3 to 5 days. It is called as the first classic cricket. If the cricket only lasts for one day, it is called as the limited overs cricket.

Facts about Crickets 8: the amateur players

In most matches, the amateur players only play cricket for one day. It is very rare for them to play it more than a single day.

Facts about Crickets

Facts about Crickets

Facts about Crickets 9: Test cricket

Test cricket was started for the first time in 1876-1877 Australian seasons. It was a competition between Australia and England.

Facts about Crickets 10: Indoor cricket

In 1970, people were introduced with indoor cricket.  It only requires 6 players for each team. Get facts about chess here.

Cricket Tools

Cricket Tools

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