10 Facts about Crickhowell

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Facts about Crickhowell present the information about a small town located in Wales. There are around 2,800 inhabitants who live in this small town. Powys County Council and Crickhowell Town Council contribute to the public services in Crickhowell. The catchment area in Crickhowell is centralized on the two schools in town. Both are the secondary and primary schools. Get other interesting facts about Crickhowell below:

Facts about Crickhowell 1: the traditional businesses

There are various types of traditional businesses that you can find in the town center of Crickhowell. Most of them are owned by families.

Facts about Crickhowell 2: the facilities in Crickhowell

If you visit Crickhowell, you can find various hotels, restaurants, cafes and pubs. The town also has public toilets, two play areas and a library.

Crickhowell Beauty

Crickhowell Beauty

Facts about Crickhowell 3: CRiC building

If you want to access an art gallery, an internet café, local history archive and information center in Crickhowell, you have to reach CRiC building.

Facts about Crickhowell 4: a golf club

There was a gold club and course in Crickhowell. In 1897, it was founded. People called it Crickhowell & Penmyarth Golf Club. In the end of 1960s, the club was out of operation.

Facts about Crickhowell

Facts about Crickhowell

Facts about Crickhowell 5: the churches

When you are in Crickhowell, you can spot various churches. It is a home to a Catholic church, an evangelical church, a Baptist church and St Edmund’s Church.

Facts about Crickhowell 6: the popularity of Crickhowell

Crickhowell is very popular in Great Britain because of the tourism objects. The center town of Crickhowell featured an information center of tourist in 2005. It is very busy and crowded during the summer season for many people like to visit Crickhowell.

Crickhowell Pic

Crickhowell Pic

Facts about Crickhowell 7: the most popular attractions in Crickhowell

Brecon Beacons and Black Mountains are the most popular places to visit by the tourists. They can conduct various activities here such as hillwalking, camping, mountain biking, and rock climbing. Check facts about Conwy here.

Facts about Crickhowell 8: Bed-and-breakfasts

If you are tired touring around the mountains, you can take a break to the Bed-and-breakfasts in the nearby locations.

Crickhowell Facts

Crickhowell Facts

Facts about Crickhowell 9: the festival

In mid August, you can visit bed and breakfasts to watch the famous Green Man Festival. Find facts about Crawley here.

Facts about Crickhowell 10: the buildings

The buildings in Crickhowell remind you with the past time. When you are at River Usk, you can spot the stone bridge dated back in 17th century. You can also visit Crickhowell Castle ruins and St Edmund church.

Crickhowell Town

Crickhowell Town

Are you impressed after reading facts about Crickhowell?

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