10 Facts about Crime

Monday, April 25th 2016. | Legal

Facts about Crime may help you learn more about this term. That means you can find amazing details regarding global crime. Some of these facts will make you amazed, for sure. Here are things you should know about crime.

Facts about Crime 1: The Disney-Made town

There were no murders in Disney-Made town. It lasted for 14 years. The record broke out until an old man was strangled to death in 2010. The charge was given to a 28-year-old man a week later. Check facts about crime in US here.

Facts about Crime 2: The Super Bowl

In 2010, the Super Bowl was considered attract more prostitutes than before. There are many studies conducted regarding the dangers of prostitution in the Super Bowl. As a matter of fact, there were underage prostitutes seen.

Crime Facts

Crime Facts

Facts about Crime 3: The Traffic Crashes

In Michigan, traffic crashes cost more than crime. It’s because Michigan is considered as a no-fault state. That means auto insurance companies should pay most of the losses people receive in accidents regardless of who was the troublemaker. Find facts about crime in UK here.

Facts about Crime 4:The Robberies in the US

Bank robberies were severe in the United States. There were more than $35 million taken during bank robberies last year. The amount increased over time. It’s because, a successful heist inspired others.

Crime Pic

Crime Pic

Facts about Crime 5: Death Penalties in Alabama

Alabama state judges preferred death sentences over life imprisonment. They have overturned many jury decisions in major cases.

Facts about Crime 6: Facebook Crime

According to data, more than 100,000 crimes were connected to Facebook social media. The fact is that Facebook friends aren’t as friendly as they are. In last 5 years, there are more crimes reported including sudden deaths, missing pets, etc.



Facts about Crime 7: Music Piracy

It’s sad but true. More than 90% of music downloads are pirated. It’s true that almost all music gained from the internet is pirated in the US. It’s common issue, after all.

Facts about Crime 8: The Black Drivers

Traffic stops are a nightmare for colored drivers. They are likely to get traffic tickets. Not to mention they have their vehicles searched by the officer.

Crime images

Crime images

Facts about Crime 9: The US Prosecution

You are more likely to be charged for crimes in the United States than you are in other countries like France. Perhaps Parisians are just quite easy-going with people.

Facts about Crime 10: Violent Crimes in the Neighborhood

Most of violent crimes occurred inside or near the victim’s house. This mostly happens in the United States. Some people say it’s safer to go out at night than spend inside the house.

Facts about Crime

Facts about Crime

There are many things that you have learned from these facts about Crime, for sure.

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