10 Facts about Crimean War

Tuesday, April 26th 2016. | History

Facts about Crimean War may help you understand the event well. Many of you have heard about such kind of war. However, there are several amusing things that you should know about it. Here are some examples.

Facts about Crimean War 1: The Sides

This famous war had started in October 1853. The war broke out between Britain, the Kingdom of Sardinia, Turkey, and France on one side and Russia on the other side.

Facts about Crimean War 2: The Triggers

The causes of Crimean War are quite intricate. However, it was mostly about who might dominate the Ottoman Empire territories. France and Russia were in conflicts over the Palestinian areas.

Crimean War Facts

Crimean War Facts

Facts about Crimean War 3: The Location

Most of the clashes took place on the northern part of the Black Sea. It was on the Crimean Peninsula in exact.

Facts about Crimean War 4: The Nurses

Both Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale cared and nursed for the wounded soldiers in such war. They worked hard to save as many lives as possible.

Crimean War

Crimean War

Facts about Crimean War 5: The Famous Battle

The battle of Balaclava was a famous fight of the war. It’s due to a very brave assault done by Earl of Cardigan. However, it was unsuccessful assault. Not to mention it took off more than 70% of the soldiers.

Facts about Crimean War 6:The Treaty of Paris

The war came to an end as peace talks began. There was Treaty of Paris signed by both sides. The Black Sea became a neutral territory. There were no warships prohibited. There were no defenses allowed to build.

Crimean War Pic

Crimean War Pic

Facts about Crimean War 7: Timothy the Tortoise

More than 300,000 men died during Crimean war. There was Timothy the Tortoise. She was the last survivor of the war. She died in the age of 165. Find facts about civil English war here.

Facts about Crimean War 8: The Allies’ Hardwork

The allies renewed and reinforced their siege despite a harsh weather. It was a successful effort as they are able to defend Evpatoria against Russian attack.

Crimean War Images

Crimean War Images

Facts about Crimean War 9: Russia’s Statistics

Russia had many loses in war including lower Danube, Crimea, and Baltic. However, they were successful in defending the empire’s integrity and won the war in the Transcaucasia and Caucasus. Get facts about cold war here.

Facts about Crimean War 10: Lack of Rifles

Russia had more men than that of the allies. However they had smaller amount of weaponry, especially the rifles. This was a big problem for them.

Facts about Crimean War

Facts about Crimean War

What do you think about these Crimean War facts?

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