10 Facts about Criminal Justice

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Facts about Criminal Justice are fun to learn. There are many things that you don’t know about it. By learning these facts, you are able to find out different issues of criminal justice around the world. Scholars should take advantage of this article.

Facts about Criminal Justice1:The Prisons in the US

Colored people are the major inhabitants of the prisons in the United States. In fact, there are more than 60% of people with color in the jails. White people are dominant in numbers. However, only 39% of them are jailed.

Facts about Criminal Justice2: The Colored People

Colored people are easily involved in the criminal justice system. Blacks are likely to commit crimes than white people. Not to mention this applies for both genders.

Criminal Justice Image

Criminal Justice Image

Facts about Criminal Justice 3:The War on Drugs

War on Drugs has extremely affected colored people. There are many drug offences done by African Americans than others. Most of them are sentenced for drug trafficking offenses.

Facts about Criminal Justice 4:The Discrimination

Black males will face longer sentences as compared to white people for similar crime cases. In accordance with the US sentencing commission, black people had longer sentences than whites. In fact, they didn’t receive full sentencing guidelines.

Criminal Justice Pictures

Criminal Justice Pictures

Facts about Criminal Justice 5:The Traffic Stops

Colored people are more likely to be inspected during traffic stops than white people. Blacks and Latinos are more suspicious in the POV of inspectors.

Facts about Criminal Justice 6: Punishments at School

Students of color receive harsher punishments than white students at school. Moreover, black students are more prone to be expelled or suspended.

Criminal Justice Pic

Criminal Justice Pic

Facts about Criminal Justice 7: The Juvenile

There are more colored people in the juvenile justice system. According to some reports, there are approximately 60% of colored juveniles nationwide. Find facts about crime here.

Facts about Criminal Justice 8: Voting Issues

African Americans were restricted for voting. These days, more than 5 million people aren’t able to vote. It’s because the felony convictions. This kind of discrimination is a nationwide.

Facts about Criminal Justice

Facts about Criminal Justice

Facts about Criminal Justice 9: The Effects of Incarceration

There are many effects on incarceration. Jail reduced young people’s work time up to 30 % as compared to those who weren’t incarcerated. Also, prisoners get reoffended. Get facts about crime in United States here.

Facts about Criminal Justice 10: The Criminal Justice in USA

A race-based institution is the most troublesome criminal justice system in the United States. African-Americans are punished and targeted in a more aggressive manner than white people.

Criminal Justice Facts

Criminal Justice Facts

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