10 Facts about Criminal Minds

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Let me show you another American police procedural drama TV series on Facts about Criminal Minds. The premiere of Criminal Minds took place on 22nd September 2005. Jeff Davis was the creator. The Mark Gordon Company is the main producer for this series. CBS Television Studios and ABC Studios are the associate companies which also serve as the producer. The drama is aired on CBS. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Criminal Minds:

Facts about Criminal Minds 1: the focus of Criminal Minds

The story in Criminal Minds is not focused on the crime itself.  The characters focus more to profile the criminals.

Facts about Criminal Minds 2: the setting of Criminal Minds

The setting of place in Criminal Minds is located in Quantico, Virginia. It is centered on BAU or Behavioral Analysis Unit of FBI.

Criminal Minds Cast

Criminal Minds Cast

Facts about Criminal Minds 3: the cast

The cast in Criminal Minds changes over the season. The only actors that you will always see in each season of Criminal Minds include Shemar Moore, Kirsten Vangsness, Matthew Gray Gubler, Thomas Gibson and , A. J. Cook.

Facts about Criminal Minds 4: profiling

The behavioral profiling is applied to catch the criminals. There is a team of FBI profilers who have to catch the criminals by profiling their behavior.

Criminal Minds Series

Criminal Minds Series

Facts about Criminal Minds 5: the 11th season of Criminal Minds

On 30th September 2015, the audiences were entertained with the 11th season of Criminal Minds.

Facts about Criminal Minds 6: the cast in the premiered season

In September 2005, Criminal Minds had its premier. At that time, you can spot the FBI Agents in the series such as Penelope Garcia, Aaron Hotchner, Jason Gideon, Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan, Jennifer Jareau and Elle Greenaway.

Criminal Minds Pic

Criminal Minds Pic

Facts about Criminal Minds 7: the spin off versions

There are two spin off versions of Criminal Minds. Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders is ready to set up in 2016. The previous spin off was released in 2011 with the title Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. Find facts about Coronation Street here.

Facts about Criminal Minds 8: Jennifer Jareau

Jennifer Jareau had the promotion to work in The Pentagon. Thus, she had to leave Criminal Minds in season 6.

Criminal Minds Facts

Criminal Minds Facts

Facts about Criminal Minds 9: Jason Gideon

The best profiler in BAU is Jason Gideon. He is played by Mandy Patinkin. Find facts about Creepypasta here.

Facts about Criminal Minds 10: the review

At the beginning of the show, Criminal Minds only received mixed reviews. Then it earned positive reviews when the series progressed.

facts about Criminal Minds

facts about Criminal Minds

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