10 Facts about Crisps

Saturday, April 30th 2016. | Culinary

If you want to get more information about a thin sliced potato, you have to look at Facts about Crisps. In British English, people simply call it crisp, while it is called a potato chip in American English. To make the potato crunchy, it can be baked, popped, kettle cooked or even fried. The people like to consume crisp as an appetizer, side dish or snack. Here are other facts about crisp to notice:

Facts about Crisps 1: the basic crisp

If you order the basic types of crisp, you will be served with the salted or cooked crisp. There are several types of flavorings that you can add on the crisp such as cheese, spice and herb.

Facts about Crisps 2: the snack products

There are several types of snack products under the name crisp. Some of them are created from potato, while other products are made of cereal, tapioca or even corn. Check facts about cream cheese here.

Crisp Snacks

Crisp Snacks

Facts about Crisps 3: the popularity of Crisps

Crisps are considered as one of the most popular snack foods in the western world. In 2005, the generated revenue from the sales of this product was around $16.49 billion.

Facts about Crisps 4: the origin of Crisp idea

In 1920, the Smiths Potato Crisps Company Ltd was formed and had an idea to produce potato chips. The chips were mixed with salt and packed inside greaseproof paper bags.  Frank Smith sold them in London. Find facts about crepes here.

Crisp Pic

Crisp Pic

Facts about Crisps 5: the seasoned crisps

Joe “Spud” Murphy was the owners of Tayto. It was an Irish chip company which sold the seasoned crisp for the first time. During the manufacturing process, a technology used to add seasoning on the chips was developed by Murphy in 1950s.

Facts about Crisps 6: the first seasoned chips

Salt & Vinegar, Barbecue and Cheese & Onion were the first seasoned chips produced in the world. Finally Murphy and Seamus Burke could create them.



Facts about Crisps 7: the right of the techniques

The techniques to create the seasoned chips from Tayto’s company were replicated after other companies in the world bought the rights.

Facts about Crisps 8: barbecue flavor

The barbecue flavor is considered as the first flavored chips sold in United States. In 1954, it was manufactured and sold massively in the country.

Facts about Crisps

Facts about Crisps

Facts about Crisps 9: the health concern

Due to the high amount of salt in crisps, it is always associated with various health issues such as obesity and high blood pressure.

Facts about Crisps 10: the crisps in Canada

The people who live in Canada serve crisps with ketchup, dill pickle, vinegar, salt, onion and sour cream.



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