10 Facts about Croagh Patrick

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Facts about Croagh Patrick talk about a beautiful mountain in County Mayo, Ireland. The Reek is the famous nickname of Croagh Patrick. This mountain is a home to the pilgrimage site. The height of Croagh Patrick is 2,507 feet or 764 m.  The location is above Murrisk and Lecanvey villages. It is around 5 miles off Westport. Check other interesting facts about Croagh Patrick in the following post below:

Facts about Croagh Patrick 1: the height of Croagh Patrick

If we compare the height of Croagh Patrick with other mountains in County Mayo, it takes the record as the third highest mountain.

Facts about Croagh Patrick 2: the pilgrimage

Croagh Patrick is considered as an important site for pilgrimage. Ever year, the pilgrims like to visit Croagh Patrick on the last Sunday in July. It is called as Reek Sunday.

Facts about Croagh Patrick

Facts about Croagh Patrick

Facts about Croagh Patrick 3: the name of Croagh Patrick

Croagh Patrick is named after Cruach Phádraig. The words mean Patrick’s stack. The local people call Patrick’s stack as the Reek.

Facts about Croagh Patrick 4: During the Pagan times

Croagh Patrick was called Cruachán Aigle during the Pagan times.  The old name could be traced back in various sources such as Buile Shuibhne, Annals of Ulster and Cath Maige Tuired.

Croagh Patrick Pictures

Croagh Patrick Pictures

Facts about Croagh Patrick 5: a pagan pilgrimage

Before Croagh Patrick is famous as a site for Christian pilgrimage, the site was used as a pagan pilgrimage dated back in 3,000 BC. Find facts about Block Mountains here.

Facts about Croagh Patrick 6: Archbishop of Tuam

Archbishop of Tuam is the leader for climbing Croagh Patrick during the Reek Sunday. He leads thousands of people to reach the top. In 2015, the pilgrimage had to be canceled for safety issue.

Croagh Patrick Pic

Croagh Patrick Pic

Facts about Croagh Patrick 7: Teampall Phadraig

Teampall Phadraig was a little chapel on the summit of Croagh Patrick traced back in Saint Patrick’s own time.

Facts about Croagh Patrick 8: a small chapel

On 20th July 1905, a small chapel was established in the summit of Croagh Patrick. The Archbishop of Tuam named Michael Neary unveiled the plaque to venerate the anniversary of the chapel on July 31st, 2005.

Croagh Patrick Image

Croagh Patrick Image

Facts about Croagh Patrick 9: the opening of the church

On Reek Sunday, the church is opened for public. The information guides will open the church.

Facts about Croagh Patrick 10: the gold discovery

In 1980s, the people discovered gold in Croagh Patrick. Even though the mountain contains gold, mining is not allowed here. Get facts about Colima Volcano here.

Croagh Patrick Facts

Croagh Patrick Facts

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