10 Facts about Croatia

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Facts about Croatia talk about one of the famous countries in the world. The official name is Republic of Croatia. The location of Croatia is very strategic because it is located around Mediterranean, Southeast Europe and Central Europe. The area of Croatia covers 21,851 sq mi or 56,594 sq km. Zagreb is the capital of Croatia. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Croatia by reading the following post below:

Facts about Croatia 1: the island

There are around 1,000 islands located in the Adriatic Sea of Croatia. The Croats account most people who live in the country.

Facts about Croatia 2: Roman Catholicism

Roman Catholicism is considered as the primary religion in Croatia. The country is a home to 4.28 million people.

Croatia Image

Croatia Image

Facts about Croatia 3: the early history of Croatia

In 7th century AD, the Croats landed on the area that we know as Croatia today. In 9th century, there were two duchies organized by the Croats in the area.

Facts about Croatia 4: the first king

In 925, the area was ruled by a king. The first king was Tomislav. The kingdom in Croatia stood for at least 200 hundred years. Kings Peter Krešimir IV and Dmitar Zvonimir were considered as the important kings who rose the kingdom in its peak.

Facts about Croatia

Facts about Croatia

Facts about Croatia 5: the economy in Croatia

Croatia is a country with a high income economy based on the identification of World Bank. It is considered as a country with developing economy based on the classification of International Monetary Fund.

Facts about Croatia 6: the member of international organizations

Croatia is a member of various organizations in the world such as WTO or World Trade Organization, NATO, Council of Europe, United Nations and European Union.



Facts about Croatia 7: the source of economy

The primary source of economy in the country is from the service sector.  The agricultural and industrial sector also plays an important part. Check facts about Cook Island here.

Facts about Croatia 8: tourism

Croatia also has a great deal of income from tourism. When the summer season comes, there are many people who come to the country.

Croatia Waterfalls

Croatia Waterfalls

Facts about Croatia 9: the place of interest

There are many places of interest that you can visit in Croatia. Those include the professional theatres and museums. Find facts about countries in Europe here.

Facts about Croatia 10: the cuisines

Each region in Croatia has unique local cuisine. The Mediterranean and Italian cuisines heavily affect the cuisines in Istria and Dalmatia. The wine produced in the country is also famous in the world. The white wine is the premium production.

Croatia Pictures

Croatia Pictures

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