10 Facts about Crochet

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Facts about Crochet inform you with the process of making fabric. Use a crochet hook when you want to create a fabulous crochet. The materials that you can use include strands, threads and yarns. All of them will be applied in interlocking loops to create a unique patterned crochet. The term crochet is taken from the French word. It means small hook. Here are other interesting crochet facts to note:

Facts about Crochet 1: the materials

Crochet is considered as a unique art. It can be made from various materials. Crochet can be made artistically or even commercially depending on the demand of the customers.

Facts about Crochet 2: knitting and crocheting

If you think that crocheting is similar with knitting, you are wrong. Both are totally different. When you do knitting, you can keep the large stitches open at one time. On the other hand, you have to finish each stitch before you move into another stitch.

Crochet Facts

Crochet Facts

Facts about Crochet 3: the various types of crochet

There are many forms of crochet. You can do broomstick lace or even Tunisian crochet. The term was used to call the lace making in France in 17th century.

Facts about Crochet 4: the first evidence of crochet

The first evidence of crochet was traced back in 19th century in European regions. The nalebinding technique was used to create the earlier work of crochet.

Facts about Crochet

Facts about Crochet

Facts about Crochet 5: the instruction to create crochet

In 1823, Penelope was the Dutch magazine which published the first known instructions of crochet. There were 5 distinctive styled purses shown in the magazines. Silk thread should be used to crochet 3 of them.

Facts about Crochet 6: the famine relief

The famine relief in Ireland was marked by the usage of crochet lace work in 19th century. The Irish workers could earn money by working on crochet.



Facts about Crochet 7: the invention of Irish crochet

The credit for inventing Irish crochet is given to Mademoiselle Riego de la Blanchardiere.  In 1846, the first book of crochet patterns was published in the market.

Facts about Crochet 8: the popularity of Irish lace crochet

Until the World War 1, Irish lace was very popular in America and Europe. It was produced in great quantity. Get facts about British wool here.

Crochet Pictures

Crochet Pictures

Facts about Crochet 9: the complicated stitching, pattern and texture

The texture, pattern and stitching become more complicated and elaborate in 1910 until 1920. It was during the Edwardian era. Check cotton fabric facts here.

Facts about Crochet 10: crochet hook

Crochet hook is an important tool to create crocheted fabric. It can be made of plastic, steel, aluminum, bamboo and bone.

Crochet image

Crochet image

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