10 Facts about Crofting

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Let me show you the form of land tenure on Facts about crofting. In the past, crofting was used on Isle of Man as a form of food production in a small scale. It is used in islands of Scotland and Scottish Highlands. The better land was used to do individual crofting in 19th century. Here are other interesting facts about crafting to note:

Facts about Crofting 1: crofting in 19th century

The crofters would like to share the hill ground with poor quality to be grazed by their livestock in 19th century.

Facts about Crofting 2: crofting in Scotland

In Scotland, crofting is always linked with the food production in small space. It is also considered as a traditional social system.

Crofting Facts

Crofting Facts

Facts about Crofting 3: the size of individual croft

The size of land for individual crofting is around 2 until 5 hectare. It can be used to produce vegetable if it has great quality forage.

Facts about Crofting 4: the working communities

The main characteristic of crofting is seen from the township or working communities. The poor quality on hill ground is always managed the township. The sheep and cattle will graze here.

Crofting Image

Crofting Image

Facts about Crofting 5: the factors which affect crofting

Crofting is influenced by several factors such as topography, soils and climate. Get coins facts here.

Facts about Crofting 6: LFA

LFA stands for Less Favoured Area. This term is used to classify the Severely Disadvantaged land in twentieth century.

Crofting Pictures

Crofting Pictures

Facts about Crofting 7: how to survive

There are various kinds of activities that the crofters have to do. If they only croft agricultural land, they cannot survive economically. Even though it is not easy for the crofter to earn cash from crofting agriculture, the number of crofters and crofts is still high. There were around 15,388 crofters and 19,422 crofts in 2014 until 2015.

Facts about Crofting 8: the population

The Highlands and Islands are inhabited by around 10 percent of population. There are around 33,000 family members who live here. It represents 65 crofting households who live in Skye, Western Isles and Shetland. Around 30 percent of the households are represented in Highlands’ rural areas.

Crofting Pic

Crofting Pic

Facts about Crofting 9: the cattle

There are around 120,000 heads of beef cattle held by the crofters. There are around 1.5 million sheep maintained by the crofters. Find facts about cotton mills here.

Facts about Crofting 10: the security of tenure

The security for tenure is maintained because of Crofters’ Holdings Act of 1886.

Facts about Crofting

Facts about Crofting

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