10 Facts about Croke Park

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Facts about Croke Park elaborate the information about the famous stadium in Dublin, Ireland. This stadium is simply called Croker. The name is derived from Archbishop Thomas Croke. Gaelic Athletic Association uses Croke Park as their base and main stadium. There have been various Gaelic games hosted by GAA in the Croke Park since 1884.

Facts about Croke Park 1: the notable sport events

There are various notable events which have been conducted in Croke Park. The stadium hosted the opening and closing ceremonies for Special Olympics in 2003. The All-Ireland finals of hurling and footballs were conducted in Croke Park.

Facts about Croke Park 2: the entertainment area

Croke Park is not only used to host the sport events. There are many international and musical concerts conducted here. Check facts about Conwy Castle here.

Croke Park Facts

Croke Park Facts

Facts about Croke Park 3: the construction of Aviva Stadium

The games played the national football team of Republic of Ireland and the national rugby union team of Ireland was conducted in Croke Park because Aviva Stadium was under construction.

Facts about Croke Park 4: Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI addressed around 80,000 people in a video link during the closing ceremony of fiftieth International Eucharistic Congress in June 2012.

Croke Park

Croke Park

Facts about Croke Park 5: the capacity

Croke Park can accommodate around 82,300 people after it was redeveloped in 1990s. Find facts about Cristo Redentor here.

Facts about Croke Park 6: the record of Croke Park

In Europe, Croke Park is considered as the 3rd largest one.

Croke Park Image

Croke Park Image

Facts about Croke Park 7: the history of Croke Park

In the past, Maurice Butterly owned the site in 1880s. It was called Jones’ Road sports ground or City and Suburban Racecourse. Then the land was purchased by GAA. It was renamed Croke Park.

Facts about Croke Park 8: the highest attendance

In 1961, Croke Park had the highest attendance. There were 90,556 people who watched the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final.

Facts about Croke Park

Facts about Croke Park

Facts about Croke Park 9: Irish War of Independence

The massacre of RIC or Royal Irish Constabulary was conducted in Croke Park on November 21st, 1920. The massacre occurred during the Irish Independence War. Michael Hogan was one of the victims. He was a Tipperary player. In 1924, he was honored posthumously after Hogan Stand was established.

Facts about Croke Park 10: the premium level

You can spot the conference areas, bars and restaurants in the premium level of Croke Park.

Croke Park Pic

Croke Park Pic

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