10 Facts about Cronus

Tuesday, May 3rd 2016. | Mythology

Let’s find out the interesting information about Greek mythology by reading Facts about Cronus.   He is also called as Kronos. His mother is Gaia, the earth. His father is Uranus, the sky. He is considered as the youngest one in the 1st Titan Generation. Cronus also serves as the leader. During the mythological Golden Age, Cronus was the ruler after he defeated Uranus. Then Cronus’ son Zeus overthrew him and kept him locked in Tartarus. Here are other interesting facts about Cronus to note:

Facts about Cronus 1: the depiction of Cronus

Cronus is mostly described with his famous weapon. It is a sickle, scythe or harpe. This weapon is very important because he uses it to defeat Uranus.

Facts about Cronus 2: a patron of harvest

Cronus receives the status as a patron of harvest. Therefore, the festival of Kronia was conducted during the harvest celebration in Athens. It was conducted in the Attic month of Hekatombaion on the 12th day.

Cronus Facts

Cronus Facts

Facts about Cronus 3: the Roman mythology

In the Roman mythology, Cronus was recognized as Saturn.

Facts about Cronus 4: the relationship of Cronus and Uranus

His father Uranus was the powerful ruler of the universe. Due to his father’s power, Cronus envied at him.

Cronus and Zeus

Cronus and Zeus

Facts about Cronus 5: the conflict of Uranus’ family

Gaia hated his husband, Uranus because he locked their children: one-eyed Cyclopes and a hundred-handed Hecatonchires in Tartarus. Therefore, the children were not capable of seeing the light.

Facts about Cronus 6: how to fight Uranus

Gaia made a plan by persuading Cronus and his brothers to fight against Uranus. She made a stone sickle for Cronus since he was the one who wanted to do Gaia’s plan. Find facts about Centaurs here.

Cronus Power

Cronus Power

Facts about Cronus 7: attacking Uranus

Uranus was attacked by Cronus using the great sickle when he met Gaia. It made his testicles casted into the sea and castrated the body.

Facts about Cronus 8: the children

Gigantes, Erinyes, and Meliae were born after the spilled blood of Uranus. Aphrodite was produced from the white foam of Uranus’ testicles. After Uranus was kept in Tartarus, the Cyclopes and Hecatonchires were re-imprisoned again by Cronus.

Facts about Cronus

Facts about Cronus

Facts about Cronus 9: the king and queen

Cronus ruled the universe as the king. The queen was his sister Rhea. Get facts about Cerberus here.

Facts about Cronus 10: the Golden Age

When Cronus became the ruler, the era was called as the Golden Age. It was characterized with absent immortality.

Cronus Image

Cronus Image

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