10 Facts about Crop Circles

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Those who want to know more about a pattern made by flattening a crop should read Facts about Crop Circles. There is a dispute related to the occurrence of crop circles. Some people believe that it is caused by human hand; while other believes that it is caused by the natural phenomenon or even by aliens. Since 1970s until the present day, the number of crop circles has been increased. However, the scientific study related to crop circles is still limited. Let’s find out other interesting facts about crop circles below:

Facts about Crop Circles 1: crop circles in United Kingdom

The crop circles can be found in Avebury and Stonehenge in United Kingdome. They do not appear in random location. The areas with medium to dense population are affected by crop circles too. They can be spotted closer to the roads.

Facts about Crop Circles 2: the famous hoaxers

Bower and Chorley were the two famous hoaxers who broke the statement of a circle investigator who said that crop circles were impossible to be made by human hand in 1991. However, the hoaxers stated that they made the crop circles. Check facts about Aliens here.

Crop Circles Images

Crop Circles Images

Facts about Crop Circles 3: the formation of crop circles

In most cases, crop circles are formed when the night comes. But some people spot the formation during the daylight.

Facts about Crop Circles 4: the concept of crop circles

Doug Bower and Dave Chorley were the two hoaxers who built the concept of crop circles in the end of 1970s. The Tully “saucer nest” case in Australia had inspired these men to create crop circles.

Facts about Crop Circles

Facts about Crop Circles

Facts about Crop Circles 5: the first depiction of crops circles

Some cereologists believed that The Mowing-Devil: or, Strange News out of Hartfordshire was considered as the news pamphlet which contained the first description of crop circles. The pamphlet was published in 1678. However, Jim Schnabel disagreed about it because it did not depict the bend stalks, but the cut stalks.

Facts about Crop Circles 6: the most common cases

The most common cases of crop circles can be found in English countryside. It has been spotted since 1970s until today.

Crop Circle

Crop Circle

Facts about Crop Circles 7: the public recognition

The public began to recognize crops circle after their presence in Wiltshire and Hampshire was heavily reported by the media in the end of 1980s.

Facts about Crop Circles 8: circle crops around the world

Circle crops began to spot around the world after the two famous hoaxers Bower and Chorley made statement that they were responsible for making crop circles in 1991.

Crop Circles Pic

Crop Circles Pic

Facts about Crop Circles 9: the location of crops circles in the world

Crops circles are discovered in Canada, United States, Japan, United Kingdom and Soviet Union.

Facts about Crop Circles 10: the number of crops circles

There are around 10,000 crop circles which have been recognized all over the world. Find facts about Alien life here.

Crop Circle Image

Crop Circle Image

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