10 Facts about Crops

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The type of cultivated plants, alga and fungus are explained on Facts about Crops. The people can harvest them at the end of the season. The crops can be used for various purposes such as for producing medicine, biofuel, and clothing, food and lovestock fodder. There are various crops in the world. The most popular ones to produce include corn, pumpkin, sugarcane, potatoes, soybeans, cotton, hay, cassava, rice and wheat. Get other interesting facts about crops in the following post below:

Facts about Crops 1: the crops in India

There are two kinds of crops in India. Both are the rabi crops and kharif crops. Both crops are differentiated based on the growing season in the country.

Facts about Crops 2: the varieties of crops

There are many varieties of crops in the world. They can be distinguished from the flavor, fruiting time, flower color, height, branching pattern and seed size.

Facts about Crops

Facts about Crops

Facts about Crops 3: the characteristics

Each crop has unique characteristics. Some of them can resist to specific pest, disease, drought, cold and heat.

Facts about Crops 4: the traits

The differences of each crop can be viewed from the traits too. It can be distinguished from the taste, cooking technique, preparation and nutrient of the crops.



Facts about Crops 5: the different growing condition

The crops are affected by the growing condition too.  The crops grown in fertile soil are higher than the crops growing in poor soil.

Facts about Crops 6: the threats

There are around 18 percent of legume species, 13 percent species in the botanical family, and 6 percent of wild relative of cereal crops under threat. Rice, corn, and wheat are some examples of cereal crops. Pepper, eggplant and potatoes are some examples of crops in botanical family. Lentils, peas and beans are included in legume species. Check crop rotation facts here.



Facts about Crops 7: the importance of agriculture

Agriculture is very important for crop production. Agriculture can reduce the food price, improve the crop value, and enhance the crop planting efficiency and many more.

Facts about Crops 8: the crop diversity

Agriculture also promotes crop diversity.  It enables the farmers to get the increased quality of crops.

Crop Images

Crop Images

Facts about Crops 9: the valuable crops

The valuable crops are the drought tolerant ones. They should resist to diseases and pests. Find facts about crop circle here.

Facts about Crops 10: the loss of income

When the crops cannot resist to diseases and pest, the income of the farmers will be reduced significantly.  The corn crop in United States was affected by fungus in 1970s. It made the people lose 1 billion dollars.

Crop Pictures

Crop Pictures

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