10 Facts about Crossy Road

Thursday, May 5th 2016. | Entertainment

Why don’t you learn Facts about Crossy Road? You will know more about this notable arcade video game. On 20th November 2014, Crossy Road was released. Andy Sum, Matt Hall, and Ben Weatherall established their own company called Hipster Whales.  The company was the developer of Crossy Road. The people often call the Crossy Road as endless Frogger. If you want to know more about the game concept and how to play the game, check the following post below:

Facts about Crossy Road 1: the goal of Crossy Road

If you want to become a winner in Crossy Road, you need to make sure that you can cross the train tracts, grasses, rivers and roads without dying as far as you can.

Facts about Crossy Road 2: the concept of Crossy Road

Have you ever heard about the joke “Why does the chicken cross the road?” The joke is used by the developer as the concept of the Crossy Road.

Crossy Road Facts

Crossy Road Facts

Facts about Crossy Road 3: the death

You will lose the game if you die.   The trains, cars and rivers are some obstacles which can cause the player to die.

Facts about Crossy Road 4: how to play

Before you play Crossy Road, you need to choose a mascot. It can be a bunny, koala or chicken. When you want to move the mascot in the horizontal position, you just have to swipe or tap the screen in the intended direction.

Crossy Road Pic

Crossy Road Pic

Facts about Crossy Road 5: how to survive

It is not easy to survive in Crossy Road. If the mascot does not move for a very long time, it has to face the eagle which will try to catch it. It makes the player die. Get facts about Counter Strike here.

Facts about Crossy Road 6: how you will create point

The mascot will earn a point if it can move forward for each square unit.  A sound effect will be produced to notify the player that he or she has earned 50 points.

Crossy Road Image

Crossy Road Image

Facts about Crossy Road 7: the gold coins

Don’t forget to search the gold coins. They are spreading in the surroundings.

Facts about Crossy Road 8: Crossy Road in iOS version

Chicken is the default mascot in iOS version of Crossy Road. Actually there are 145 characters that you play. 22 of them should be unlocked using the specific scheme.

Crossy Road

Crossy Road

Facts about Crossy Road 9: the currency

The currency in Crossy Road is the coin. You can collect it using various methods such as using real money to get the coins or even completing the specific tasks.

Facts about Crossy Road 10: the reviews

Metacritic gave Crossy Road positive review. In 2014, it became the finalist for Game of the Year Award. Check computer games facts here.

Facts about Crossy Road

Facts about Crossy Road

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