10 Facts about Crows

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Facts about Crows inform the readers with a type of bird included in the family Corvidae and genus Corvus. Most of them can be found living in temperate continent. However, it is very hard for the people who live in South America to check the presence of crows. The people use the word crow to call the northwestern crow, fish crow and American crow in North America. It is used to call the hooded crow and carrion crow in Europe. Here are other interesting facts about crows to note:

Facts about Crows 1: the collective members of crows

In the family Corvidae, crow is considered as 3rd species. You can use the word a murder or a flock if you want to call a group of crows.

Facts about Crows 2: the current research

Many scientists are interested to know more about crows because they are unique and smart. It is founded that crows can use and construct tools.

Facts about Crows

Facts about Crows

Facts about Crows 3: the understanding crows in medieval era

Crows were considered as the monogamous and long lived animals during the medieval era. At the time, the people believed that crows had the ability to tell ambushes, foresee rain and predict future.

Facts about Crows 4: the physical appearance

The plumage of crows is available in grey or white hue.  The body is mainly in black color. You can also spot a crow in all black color.



Facts about Crows 5: the evolution

The experts believe that the evolution of crows occurred in central Asia. Then they spread to Australia, Europe, Africa and North America.

Facts about Crows 6: the genus Corvus

Linnaeus created descriptions about genus Corvus in Systema Naturae. This work was published in 18th century.

Crows Pic

Crows Pic

Facts about Crows 7: the name Corvus

The word Corvus is taken from Latin word. The meaning of this word is raven. Check facts about cranes here.

Facts about Crows 8: the population

The population has been enhanced since 1900s. They can be spotted in the urban environment and major cities in the world. Since the introduction of European colonization, the population of crows is stable in North America. In the end 1800s to mid 1900s, the population of crows in west was increased.

Crows Facts

Crows Facts

Facts about Crows 9: the community

During the winter season, crows often gather in a community. Each group can contain from 200 until thousands of crows.

Facts about Crows 10: intelligence

Crow is considered as one of the intelligent animals in the world.  The intelligent test of crows is very high. Get facts about crocodiles here.



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