10 Facts about Croydon

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Facts about Croydon tell you about a large town in England. The town is inhabited by 52,104 people based on the census in 2011. If you check the history of Croydon in Domesday Book in 1086, the town was inhabited by 365 people. It had a mill and a church. At that time, Croydon was a part of Surrey. In the middle Ages, the town was expanded. It became a market town. The industries in the town were flourished. It was famous as a producer of brewing, tanning, and leather and charcoal. Get other interesting facts about Croydon by reading the below post:

Facts about Croydon 1: the first public railway

The first public railway in the world was opened in 1803.  It was Surrey Iron Railway which connected Croydon to Wandsworth.

Facts about Croydon 2: Croydon in 20th century

Croydon was recognized as an essential industrial town in beginning of 20th century. It is famous with the airport and metal working. The industry in the town is also centered on car manufacturing. Then the industry in Croydon shifted to service economy and retailing in mid 20th century.

Croydon Skyline

Croydon Skyline

Facts about Croydon 3: the redevelopment

The redevelopment in Croydon was spotted since the mid 20th century. It witnessed the presence of Whitgift Centre. It was known as the largest shopping center in London.

Facts about Croydon 4: the primary railway

East Croydon is considered as the primary railway station. It enables the people to reach Brighton and central London. The town is also a home of Tramlink light rail transport system.

Croydon Pic

Croydon Pic

Facts about Croydon 5: Fairfield Halls

Fairfield Halls is considered as the major art venue in Croydon. There are many famous musicians and artists in the world who have appeared in the venue. Those include Coolio, Omid Djalili, Don McLean, James Last, BB King, Gladys Knight, and Robert Cray.

Facts about Croydon 6: The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code released in 2006 is one of the notable movies in the world. The conference scene in the world was filmed in the primary concert hall in Fairfield Halls.

Croydon Image

Croydon Image

Facts about Croydon 7: Croydon Clocktower Arts Centre

Another art center to visit is Croydon Clocktower Arts Centre. It features a town museum, David Lean Cinema, performance venue and library.

Facts about Croydon 8: Spread Eagle Theatre

In October 2013, Spread Eagle Theatre was opened. It has 50 seats. Get facts about Castleton here.

Croydon Facts

Croydon Facts

Facts about Croydon 9: Sir John Betjeman

Sir John Betjeman is British Poet Laureate who created two poems about the town. Both are “Love in a Valley” and “Croydon”.

Facts about Croydon 10: the notable novelists and authors

Émile Zola, D.H. Lawrence and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are some notable authors and novelists who live in Croydon. Find facts about Crickhowell here.

Facts about Croydon

Facts about Croydon

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